Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Vote Using Automated Elections, Instructions, Procedures

With the May 2010 elections only months away, we are going to cast our votes with a new system; that is the automated election, the first in Philippines history.

But the question is really how to vote using the automated mode of election?  What are the instructions when voting under this scheme?

Well, the photo shown above is a comics on how to vote using the automated election system, with instructions and procedures also given.

Then again, what is also still needed is for the COMELEC to really do their voter's education program rigorously. And these kinds of efforts made by the private sector (GMA Network) is not enough to really educate the millions of voting public.

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1 comment:

Philippine Senatorial Candidate 2010 said...

Oh' this post must be read by many. So informative thanks for guiding me through this. I'm just hope for a clean and safe election this 2010.


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