Monday, January 18, 2010

Freindster, Fredster, Friendsters, Frenster Free Theme and Skins

One of the most famous social sites that was first known is friendster even facebook, multiply and twitter had become more famous; at least for the Philippines' case.

Unfortunately, Friendster is one of the most misspelled word too: freindster, frester, fredster, friendsters, friensters, frenster, frensters.

Why committing the error? Well, because of the word friend that the letters i and e are the most interchanged letters in words like conceive, perceive, deceive and all.

So, as usual, when searching for these words, one will be lead to an unlikely path. Like searching for a friendster free theme or skin, and with only two letters inter-changed, one will not find what he is really looking for.

The lesson, be careful with what you type on the search box, as most likely if there will be errors you will be led to this kind of post,LOL!

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