Friday, January 8, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Chicken Photos, Pictures and Videos

With Floyd Mayweather running around shopping for more excuses in order not to have a fight with Pacquiao, he is portrayed now all over as a chicken. Now, Mayweather-Mosely Fight was scheduled isntead.

Check out the Mayweather Jr. chicken photos and videos:

Watch Floyd Chicken Videos:

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Anonymous said...

I knew it! Floyd was really a chicken-man or man-chicken, whatever. For spewing excuses after excuses, he'll get nothing but... EGGS!!

elmot said...

He is really one big-mouthed coward.

Anonymous said...

nigga chicken!!! hahaha

dimaks said...

ang tawag dyan, "magulang" lol. tama lang na di muna sila maglalaban ni pacman, mahirap nang magka-flu.

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