Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dive Sites and Locations in Anilao, Batangas

For a scuba diver, Batangas could be considered a diving heaven for its beautiful dive sites on many locations plus the fact that it is just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila. Hotels and accommodations are also everywhere.

Here are some of the dive sites and locations in Batangas:

Anilao – one of the best if not the best dive site in Batangas and the Philippines. Average visibility about 60 feet.

Sombrero Island – from its name, it resembles like a hat. Visibility can reach up to 80 feet, average depth is 33 feet.

Mapating Rock - an open reef and is for experienced divers only as current is strong and even wild with shallow area at about 35 feet drop-offs running down to about 60 feet.

Merriel’s Rock - Visibility can reach 80 feet, and average depth is 60 feet with lots of different marine life to see.

The Cathedral - Visibility can reach 80 feet, best thing to see are underwater rock formations like a cathedral with a cross planted.

Ligpo Island - Average depth is 90 feet and visibility can reach 80 feet. Lots of colorful coral reefs.

Malajibomanoc Island - Visibility can reach 80 feet and average depth is at 60 feet. Great marine life.

For more information and access to different dive sites, locations and information, you can visit the official webpage of the Province of Batangas: batangascity.gov.ph/

Image from Joyful EP

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