Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Book and Get Superferry Tickets Online

Superferry of the Aboitiz Transportation has dominated the local shipping and travel of the Philippine in the last decade. Its routes are covering much of the archipelago and well-refurbished ships with a great crew serve as they real deal for passengers.

Now you can also easily book your ticket online on Superferry through their E-ticket system
Through the E-ticket system, you can choose either a one-way ticket or roundtrip; with schedules, destinations, accommodations and number of passengers.

Payment is also very easy by the use of your credit or electronic debit card.

Check it out now, the next time you get your ticket for a Superferry trip than lining up.

The price of low-budget airlines are sometimes even cheaper then that of Superferry nowadays. 
You may also want to check the newest low-budget airline in the country; more information here about Air Asia Philippines, Tickets, Promos and Seat Sale.

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