Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CPALead Review, Opinion, It Sucks Folks for Readers!

I am not using CPALead on my blogs as a monetization platform, and will never use it. For me, it sucks! Or maybe some bloggers who use it sucks!

This is my review and opinion of CPALead not as a blogger who is using it on my blogs but as an avid reader of blogs and resource sites using it on their blogs. Well, CPALead only works with two important things present; first a blog with relevant and sought-after articles and second, readers flocking eagerly wanting to read the information they need.

Marhgil wrote a great review about this monetization scheme and is earning quite well with it.

CPALead Personal Review and Experience as a Reader

Unfortunately as a reader, I am pissed off with those blogs that had installed it leaving me no room to read their posts when a survey form pops up and tells me there is no available survey on my country. Automatically, it leads me back to the homepage with no other recourse but to go home without the information I badly needed.

Marhgil though revealed that bloggers will also have the option to let their readers pass through that seemingly security fence and read blog posts if ever there are no available surveys on the reader’s country of origin. But I guess, there are just some bloggers who are either ignorant about this or are simply selfish to let people come in. I already experienced that with a good number of blogs who traded the loyalty of their readers to CPALead, with readers only having the chance to stay at the lonely gates of their blogs. And that sucks!

I hope some bloggers who haven’t enabled that feature of letting readers read their blog posts despite no surveys are available related to their country of origin, as we are blogging first and foremost to let people read our articles, and money making only comes next to keeping your readers.

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