Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CPALead Methods, Tips, Tricks, Issues to Earn More

Are there really surefire methods, tips and tricks on how a blogger could really earn big on using CPALead as a monetization scheme on his blog?

What is CPAlead exactly?

Well, CPAlead is one of the newest monetization program available for blogs and websites with sought after and quality articles. When your visitors enter your blog, a survey form pops up and they will be required to answer the survey before accessing your contents. You are paid everytime your readers or visitors completes a survey with each survey costs around $.20 - $10.00. Each survey also depends on the country of origin of blog or site visitors.

Methods, Tips, Tricks on CPALead?

I am not using any CPALead on my blogs…yet. And I am not sure if I am able to even use it.

But I guess, there are no tricks or surefire methods in order for one to earn big time on using CPALead as a monetization platform. There are tips though for one to capitalize on this scheme as far as my observations of blogs using it and some friends’ (who are using it) opinions is concerned.

Since it forces your readers to fill up a survey before accessing your articles, the only way to keep your readers from not getting pissed of accomplishing a task before reading what they needed is for you to make quality posts. Only quality information and much-needed articles by readers and visitors will force them to sacrifice some time and be patient on filling up surveys.
Most readers and visitors that need quality information or are looking for information that they really need for their perusal, uses the search engines of the web. Thus, for you to get more earnings from this scheme is to use search engine optimization techniques and methods on making quality posts.

Issues and Concern and Review

There is one big issue though with this one, as shared here on a CPALead Review that you as a blogger should also be careful and sensitive with. Since survey forms and tasks depend on the country of origin of visitors, surveys are subject to availability too. The problem enters when there are no surveys available in such country that a reader came from and you as a blogger did not approved of the option to let them pass through the pop up despite not accomplishing any surveys. When you haven’t activated such option, it is for sure that your avid readers or even first time visitors will get pissed off and turned off with your blog.

All in all, it is a good monetization scheme, but publishing posts in order for readers to read them comes first for your fans.

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