Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods Naked Photos Surfacing?

It has been the rumor that is circulating the web and showbiz websites, that there exists a bunch of Tiger Woods naked pictures.

And as the usual stuff happens in the showbiz world: when a famous personality (in this case Tiger Woods) is embroiled in a problematic love affair with mistresses surfacing here and there, the next thing to be anticipated is the release of naked photos sooner or later.

I really don't know if this is true, but the rumor is starting to gain curiousity among the people. Tiger Woods, naked photos? Hmmm....

To quote the press release of Life and Style about the rumored nude pictures of Tiger Woods:

"It looks like the rumors of naked Tiger Woods photos may be true! Playgirl's rep Daniel Nardicio confirms to Life & Style that the online magazine has received photos claiming to be Tiger sans clothes. But until the photo is proven to be real, don't expect to see it online. "We're currently trying to authenticate the photos before we make any decisions on purchasing the Tiger Woods pics and ascertaining the value," Nardicio tells Life & Style."

So far it is all rumors. But who knows, with the Tiger caught by his wife having a steamly love affair with a couple of women, these rumored nude pictures may soon surface...if the price is right.

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jojigirl said...

Haha! We all came into this world naked and because of some naked bodies. Just because he's a top public personality made this naked issue a big deal. Blah! ",)

elmot said...

@jojigirl: and it has been a big issue for the past years when personalities are caught naked...

The tiger is getting our of the woods naked! LOL

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