Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jeepney Manufacturers in the Philippines

The Philippine Jeepney has become one of the prominent symbol of the Philippines as a nations and of its rich history. From the army jeeps used during the Second World War, the army jeep evolved to become the primary mode of public transport of the Philippines through sheer ingenuity.

Some of the jeepney manufacturers in the Philippines includes the Sarao Motors, Francisco Motors, and Malaguena Motors. These jeepney manufacturers has continued to produce quality masterpieces despite the economic turmoil the world is experiencing.

On a positive note though, some of the manufacturers has found a new market for the Philippine jeepney by exporting them to some nations in Africa.

We thus all know that the blazing jeepneys are still the king of the Philippine roads.

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Anonymous said...

i don't know what kind of people run these jeepney manufacturing companies but they seem to have frozen in time in the 1940's after the 2nd world war. wala ka nang nakitang improvement, lumaki lang. back then it was ugly, now its BIG UUGHHHLLYY!

it's GAWDY, it's GARISH, it's MALASWA TINGNAN. matagal na yang manufacturers na yan, wala bang ni isang anak o apo yang mga yan running these co's na may sense of modernity or AESTHETICS? it looks like a LOLA all tarted up (w/ heavy lipstick, false eyelashes, plunging neckline) at nakatambay sa club.

if these manufacturers are passing the jeepney off as representative of what is beautiful about the philippines, they're misguided. i don't want it and it doesn't represent me, dahil tingnan mo pa lang ay masusuka ka na.

Anonymous said...

You are such a bitter person. it's you whom the filipino people will not akcnowledge. ikaw ang i-susuka dahil you are describing your "personal" self . i pity you.

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