Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giant Freshwater Fish! Can you believe these pictures?

I was searching for fish pictures over the net to be used on one of my presentations when I can across these pictures of giant fish. I think some of these are giant freshwater fish but, holy cow, these are really really really big!

More Pictures below of giant freshwater fish:

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jojigirl said...

Ung nasa first and last pics, parang it's the same kind of fish that I saw in one of the aquariums in Oceanpark. Malaki talaga siya, pero medyo darker ung color ng fish na nakita ko but i think it was exactly that kind of fish. Nakita mo ba yun?

Happy Holidays!

elmot said...

@jojigirl: Unfortunately, di pa po ako nakakapunta sa ocean park, eheheh!

Grabe ang laki po talaga ng mga isda na to, eheheh!

Happy Holidays din!

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