Sunday, August 16, 2009

October 2009 CPA Board Exam Results

The October 2009 CPA Board Exam Results will soon be released. And I was so inspired by the SEO prowess of fellow bloggers that they all landed on the top spot of Google on the keywords of the CPA Board Exam Results and with it, they got lots of traffic and of course a good chunk of moolah. And this is the juiciest part

Obviously, I am joining the bandwagon though I know for one that the competition is very stiff for the CPA Board Exam Results this October 2009, and secondly, I really don’t have the SEO skills to shoot up to the first pages of Big G.

So why am I doing this post on the October 2009 CPA Board Exam? For a simple reason: I want to learn how to optimize my post using these highly competitive keywords. And there is no other way for one to learn the ladder than actually climbing up the ladder.

So to me, best of luck to the CPA BOARD EXAMS keywords.

Hopefully I can have some trickles down here.

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