Friday, June 12, 2009

The or the

image from jhay rocas

Yehey! Independence Day! It is a holiday and many of us surely will celebrate our moments of liberation from work and academics with a short vacation over the weekend or flock the nearest malls to cool off ourselves and enjoy a whole day of window shopping happy meals.

I know, I know, let us revere this day. Hear me guys? Therefore, when you go to the mall to spend your independence day, take out from McDonald’s a burger and large fries for your dear friend Elmot. Now, that is one holy act of charity. :D

But fact is: the sacrifices of our revered heroes are now mostly left on their own hardened monuments scattered all over the parks and busy lanes of our cities coated with dust and disregard. Their cries for a better nation for the next generation devoid of corruption, poverty and illiteracy are still as elusive as capturing Osama bin Laden or “Garci”. These are realities that could make us bite our lips and languish in silence. I am still praying so hard though that I would not see a “statuette” honouring our most beloved Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo anywhere, even beside the “statuettes” of the 7 dwarves in children’s parks. For heaven’s sake, let us not make a great disservice to Snow White and let us not insult those hardworking dwarves! Poof!

But I will not choose to dampen my spirit having a litany of all the ills in our nation for I am still on seventh heaven after receiving a wonderful and unique gift from a friend that tries to prophesy my fate in the blogging world.

Jaypeeonline Dot Net You Rock!

As a birthday gift for myself (for all those who haven’t sent their gifts yet, they are still very welcome until I celebrate my next birthday), I won 1st on Jaypeeonline’s Top Commentator for March with the whole of cosmos conniving for me to take home $15 in Paypal, a wordpress Wordcamp shirt and wordpress schwags. And I can say that Jaypee and blogging buddy Jan unleashed the commenting prowess in me and sharpened my fangs. Meow!

And a few days ago, I received these wonderful stuffs with the king of pinoy blogging Jehzeel Laurente himself arranging the delivery of the items. I opened the package with my heart pounding so fast in excitement and kaboom!, I am now the proud owner of the unique WordCamp Las Vegas shirt and schwags! Wearing the shirt gave me the feel of being at the WordCamp, Las Vegas! Wow! I can say that Jaypee really knows how to make his readers feel so special. I can only sing hallelujah to him.

Thanks Jaypee! Visit his blog for a bigger upcoming event and he will make you feel real special.

A Blogging Omen?

On one of my previous posts I shared my plan of packing my stuffs and move out from blogger to a self-hosted blog under wordpress. With so many considerations to weigh like financing this new venture and knowing the fact that I came from the village of idiots when it comes to tweaking web stuffs, I asked for a sign from heaven (darn, so cheesy!!!). And though I was like a hopeless romantic waiting for the falling star to make a wish, but asking for a sign never failed me this time. The heaven-sent sign? Those wordpress stuffs that Jaypee sent me! Tells me to move to WP.

And for an update: I do now have a web host for my eventual moving out from blogger, but I am still contemplating on what domain name to choose.

I have been trying to summon some divine inspiration on choosing a domain name and all I came up after asking for a help from a friend who does not want to be named here lest lose his dignified stature are these stuffs:, (courtesy of reyna's previous comment on one of my posts), (no comment), (half-truth), (truth), (lie). Now, that is what you call divine inspiration eh! LOL!

So save me guys, from further degeneration and on tickling my silly imagination and be censored by the MTRCB. On to you now, suggest a domain name for me here. Tips: not a so dead serious name; something that reflects my personality and this blog; and exciting. Price for the winner: I will include you in my constant imagining, and give a hot domain name for your blog, LOL!

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yatot said...

"" nyahahhaha... nice name!!! hmmm.. mahirap itong pinapagawa mo... hmmm... here are a few of my suggestions:

• because you are a lasallian and a little green minded.. wahehehe

• is great! aprub! it's sooo you!

• wala lang... mukha lang magandang pakinggan...

• whoa! sounds controversial... hahhaah

hope you consider the last one! hahahhaha!

jan geronimo said...

Gumigiling. Niluluhuran. Quickie blogger.

Elmot, are you sure you're not mixing with the wrong people? I'm not one to pry into who you consider as friends, but remember you're a good young blogger.

What will suit you is a domain name that will capture your fun spirit which belies your seriousness. Something memorable. Not salacious.

How about Or No?

Okay, I will be back when I have regained my sanity. ",) Outa here...

Roy said...

If you are quick on the draw and it is not yet taken, would be great. Imagine having your blog landing on web searches' page every time this blogging contest takes place.

seriously, the conservative me says there's nothing wrong with

Gojeg said...

Hi, nice blog..
visit my blog and find more adobe air apps..
thank you.. :D

zorlone said...


The doctor in me would choose for you. It's easy to remember, the initials QB can be used as a shortcut for your blog, AND it means you are fast! Well, not the kind of fast-ness that one would think when the word "quickie" is described. Quickie = Flash, if used in news, then it's a news flash! Right? You are in the current events thing.

Okay, a bit of explanation why I used the phrase "the doctor in me." I had my rotation in the emergency room, and boy were we trained to move fast. We ate fast, talked fast, diagnosed fast, everything. I kinda carried it on. Don't be surprised if I finish a meal in less time than it was ordered. LOL Or a bottle of beer half the time you finish yours (tara, subukan natin). But, there are some things that I regret in learning to be fast. Uhm, I'm not drunk yet, so I wont tell!!!

On another note, I used a website to look for my blog name and I tried it with yours: I used your full name (on twitter) and here is what I got;

orange cigars - noticed the anagram? hehehe. You can make it unique di ba? If anyone should ask why you came up with the name, simple it's an anagram of gerson garcia (you) and it's a cool suggestion(ehem)

Here is another one using gerson;

songer so pinoy na pinoy ang dating. heheehe

Of course, elmotlumot is still one of my favorite options for you.

I'll let you know more ideas based on your name when I receive your text.


jan geronimo said...

Ay sayang. I just checked But it's already taken. Tama si Roy top ka sana lagi sa SERPS. ahahaha.

Gem said...

Interesting blogger domains you came up.. nyahahaha!

I think I like the quickie one. It's short and catchy and readers would surely remember that.

bingkee said...

I like your domain name , don't change it to something crazy. Didn't you notice that you can come up with a domain name derived from your nickname and your blog title. ""---it's easy to remember, very apt and still sounds like your old name.I started with "" annd my blog's title is still the same "I Love-Hate America" . But when I bought a domain name, I made my title as its domain name. People said, it's much better because it's easier to remember than "fliploveusa"
El-is Spanish for "the" ---so it's like "The Motivation" which is really very easy to remember, appropriate and sounds professional.
SAbi ng mga SEO experts, as much as pssible make your blog title as your domain name or your domain name as your blog title.

Snow said...

I agree with Kuya Roy, Ani-Mo Dot Com sounds cool.

Gem said...

Hmm.. I missed that.. ani-mo dot com rocks too for me - like Snow and Kuya Roy mentioned.

elmot said...

@yatot: eheheh! the last one rocks bro, hopefully when one tries to open the page there is including a moaning sound to it ehehe!

elmot said...

@jan: i like the carelesswhisper big bro! don't worry i am totally ok and i know i am dealing with great people who can give me the "sanest" of suggestions for my new endeaver...hopefully...but as as the suggestions of yatot alone, i guess the MTRCB is going to run after me here ehehe!

elmot said...

@roy: unfortunately, mam janette has already taken this one. it could have given me one good traffic influx, at least once a year eheheh! is considered bro.

elmot said...

@gojeg: sorry, bro for being blunt, but if you could commented in a more interesting way, then you could have hooked me to visit your blog. nice try though

elmot said...

@zorlone/doc z: robert langdon, are you here? wow! i never though that you could only do good on poetry and on some "quickie" skills....on blogging, but also on doing some anagram technique on my name for my domain eh. hope you could tutor me on some quickie skills ahahha

orangecigars? well...wait, i forgot to tell you i hate smoking ehhehe....

elmot said...

@gem: don't tell me that you like quickie too,e heheh! just joking. yeah, actually im contemplating of taking that domain name for a humor blog in the future

elmot said...

@bingkee: well noted ate bingks. i agree, my domain name for my wp self-hosted blog should not be too far from my blog niche. and i am taking note of it very well on the criteria of my selection.

elmot said...

@snow: well, i guess, i am having quite an anonymous vote here for animo. the crucial part is if it is still available. then i have to check that quick.

Ada said...

You'll be popular in pinoy blogosphere if you'll choose the domain, madaling matatandaan ng ibang pinoy bloggers, like your trademark name, Lumot.

Kapag nagpunta ka sa mga events, "ahhh ikaw pala elmotlumot!! nice blog!"

something memorable :)

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Hahaha those are very cute choices but agree with the most, make it short and easy to remember! sound funny and easy to remember;)

elmot said...

ahha! almost everyone here wants me to take nakakatawa naman noh, kapag nakita nila ako sa mga events, sabihin eh, ah, "ikaw pala yung lumot". sagwa, wehehe

elmot said...

thanks for the visit here jade! :D i guess i would be taking that domain for me? short, easy to remember, sounds funny and easy to remember.

well noted jade.

i am just curiuos, why momma wannabe?

Gem said...

Well, I just thought it's catchy. Yes I agree, that quickie domain is better suited to a humor blog. Well, I don't like quickies - too fast! Nyahahaha

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Bingkee's suggestion is not bad. You can read it as elmotivation or El Motivation. Bagay sa ala Espanyol na tisoy blogger like you.

elmot said...

ahaha! quickies are great but so long they are not that quick, ehehe!

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