Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Treat With Fiascos, Comic Judge and Crazy Stuffs

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I was so darn excited of going through my expensive routine of making my post on an internet shop a few blocks away from our house that gives me all the freedom in the world on exploring the sites that I am addicted to without the irritating constant warning on the screen screaming to my handsome face: “The site you are trying to access is blocked!”

Of course, though I’m still a couple of meters away from the internet cubicle I would be burrowing myself to, the main man of the shop is already all smiles, for he is sure to heap a good amount from me as soon as I leave his counter.

Despite of feeling blue when I opened my blog, I want to keep my self upbeat and make a post here.

After receiving my price of a John Grisham book “The Appeal” a couple of days ago from Big Bro Jan after winning his April Top Commentator contest (I braved all odds even the typhoon for this one!), it is now time for my weekend round up here. Here are the events, odd news and comic relief from all over the blogosphere for us this weekend to feast on and satisfy some of our cravings.

TIME Magazine’s 2009 100 Most Influential People
And what is Rush Limbaugh doing on the top spot after rallying the war-freaked policies of Bush in his radio program that eby the way ended in a disaster and became a nest of human rights violations? This big-mouthed man should move on. Stop cursing Barack man; you, Bill O’Reilly, Bush and all his henchmen should face your day in the international court.

Pacman? So effin what, man?
Who is the real Filipino? What have you done for your country? One who stays behind despite all the poverty and corruption, speaking his mind to condemned all of this non-sense and hullabaloo? Or those who worked as OFWs on foreign lands just to support their family? Actually this is not what Jeni’s post is all about. But when FilAmboy, Marcelle, Jeni, Manuel Buencamino and all the gang were called up by Michael Buffer to speak their mind on the ring, then all hell broke loose. Caution: this post is freaking hot. LOL

Martin Nievera’s Philippine National Anthem Fiasco
Angela Stuart-Santiago’s Anthem Angst
Dear Bloggery’s Martin Nievera and the Lupang Hinirang
The Struggling Blogger’s Aside From Manny Pacquiao
I thought it will be Leah Salonga, geee. But it was Martin who sung tall and proud our National Anthem with all the props, in a “pop” rendition pushing the button for his loud screech in the last line of the anthem as a last dying hurray. And now, he is facing the tongue-lashing from all corners for singing “inappropriately”. This one big-mouthed guy who never learnt to listen and has not gotten over “Pops” (singing the anthem the pop way), has this to say to all detractors, “I didn’t ask to sing it, Manny ask me to”. Air-head! Pops is surely relieved of having a PA system in her life.

The Great Book Blockade by MLQ III
These taxmen are surely out of their mind! Taxing imported books? Wow, it will raise book prices by 10-20% and even cause the scarcity of book supply in the market. Come on guys, you really want me to always scrounge for good books and sweat it out at Booksale huh? This is not about protecting local book authors and publishers, this about raising government revenues for the election. So, maybe you want us to use all those error-filled books from the Department of Education? You needed lots of spanking.

Surely, angry big bro Jan would run after you! But for free books, just show your commenting prowess at Jan’s blog, and give the most rational reason why you deserve to have one great book at Dee’s. :D

Ako Mismo Fiasco
Martin Perez’s Ako Mismo Web Activism or Sugar High?
Four-eyed Journal’s Another One on Ako Mismo’s On Ako Mismo
Let me just post here bikoy’s ingenuous analysis on Edu Manzano’s celebrity-filled advocacy. I heard Edu is planning to run for a national pos? Hmmm.

“What I think is dangerous about campaigning for this is that it neutralizes a person’s capacity to do more than what one is supposed to do in the first place. It’s like, fine, just pay your taxes, smile at people, sweep your backyard, do things within your comfort zone and that’s enough to change society. It’s not. Let us not justify the laziness or the inability of the middle class to get out of their comfort zone to change society.

These are the types of campaigns, believe it or not, that people in power or in government and big businesses employ to maintain the status quo, simply because doing ’simple everyday good things’ do just that and nothing more. It effectively cloaks their part in the equation as to why we are where we sadly are. It makes you forget their role in sustaining the rotten order of society. It makes you think of questioning their policies or their authority as simple pagrereklamo. And worse, it demonizes those who do that. “Forget about the corruption and the repression we commit, just do your own little nice things!” And even worse, it blames the individual Filipino for all the problems he is experiencing!
Its always about the individual. It’s never about the collective. It’s never the “We”. Collective action is too dangerous for the status quo. It’s all about pacifying the individual to be content with the things he already does and to buy a dog tag, a t-shirt, or a bracelet to show it off. “

And for the last salvo guys. Forgive me if this news has to be this long, but it will surely make you laugh out loud like a madman. Hold your breath. Here is the bomb!

Judge Emmanuel Loredo’s Comic and Ridiculous Order to Mike Defensor
Manila Baywatch’s Judge Emmanuel Loredo’s Incredible and Funny Order to Mike Defensor
Et Cetera Et Cetera’s Judge Emmanuel Loredo’s Order to Mike Defensor? I am Confused.
Smoke’s That Order
Uniffor’s Binaboy ni Judge si Defensor atbp!
The Vera Files Judge to Defensor: Drop raps vs Lozada for your and Arroyos’ sake
MLQ III’s Hell Hath No Fury Like a Sala Scorned

I don’t want to make any comment anymore coz like Jeni, I am also totally confused!!! Read the order yourself, and be the “judge” of this comic judge. LOL!

Accused having been arrested, his arraignment is set to May 7, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning.

In view of the pendency of a motion filed by a priest and a nun involving the custody of accused, and in view of news reports that the Senators would also be filing a motion praying for the custody of accused in the Senate, the resolution of the request for commitment order filed by the police is held in abeyance. All these request/motions shall be heard by this Court on Friday, May 8, 2009, at 8:30 a.m.
Catholic priests and nuns as well as the members/leaders of other religious groups are welcome on said date to participate in the court’s morning prayer before the start of court session. The Supreme Court encourages Judges to start court sessions with a prayer.

As I have said during the hearing of accused’s motion for release on recognizance which, by the way, I promptly denied, Mike Defensor should have been there so that I could help him and accused settle their differences. After all, the Supreme Court encourages trial judges to help parties arrive at an amicable settlement.
My words designed to penetrate Defensor’s mind and heart will be many. If I say it orally on May 7, 2009, it will consume too much time to the detriment of the other parties whose cases are also set for said date.

Hence, I have decided to include those words in this order for Defensor to ponder on. I hope that Defensor would be able to clearly so that on May 7, 2009 (accused’s arraignment), there could already be peace between him and Lozada.

Why is it safer for Defensor to settle the case—
Defensor has admitted on TV that this perjury case he is pursuing against Lozada is very bad for his political career. I fully agree with him.
Furthermore, I say that it may be very bad for his health and his family as well. If he gets sick like Mike Arroyo, would not that be bad for him and his family?
The Presidents that I have known are only Presidents Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo.

My observation is that of all the presidential spouses, Atty. Mike Arroyo is the one who is very sickly. He has a serious heart disease. He even tries to make us believe that he is in no condition to attend Senate probes.

Imelda was strong during Marcos’ incumbency. Aquino, of course, was a widow during her term. Ming was so healthy and strong during Fidel’s time; and even after Fidel’s term, she was even the president of the Philippine Badminton Association. Dra. Loi was also very strong during Erap’s rather abruptly ended service.

There are those who say that the serious heart disease is some kind of punishment for Atty. Mike Arroyo. I do not know if this is true, for I do not really know how our Lord works, for He does works in mysterious ways. But what I do know is that Lozada is being protected by the Church, by the priests and nuns. That must mean something. Defensor, take note: that must mean something.

I invite Defensor to look closely at the faces of the priests and nuns protecting Lozada; at the faces of the other people openly voicing their support for Lozada. They are guarding Lozada so closely for they feel that what he says is the truth and they fear that the Arroyo administration might harm him because of his expose. That is why his custody during this trial in my court is such a big issue for those who support him.

Now, why are all these so important for Defensor to ponder on. Simple: if it is true that Mike Arroyo is being punished, Defensor may also be punished with some serious disease. I am sure his loved ones do not want that to happen to him.

But has Defensor not already been punished in some ways? He lost in the last senatorial race because he was perceived to be protecting the first couple during the NBN ZTE deal hearings; because he was perceived to be trying his best to make Lozada stop talking. He used to be presidential chief of staff, now he just has old, dilapidated, rusty trains to play with. At least some of the trains still run. Is Defensor suffering from some kind of political suicidal tendency that he is seeing to it that he will forever be hated by he people and not win in any election at all?
Defensor, on May 7, 2009, when I arraign your enemy, Lozada, you shall have the unique opportunity for cleansing, for healing, for regaining public sympathy. The Court suggests that you do what is right for your sake, for your kids’ sake, for your wife’s sake. I have not talked to Mrs. Defensor, but as an experienced trial judge who deals with human emotions and passions everyday in my courtroom, I am sure that Mrs. Defensor wants peace and good health for you.

Why this case is not to the best interest of the first couple—
Since Defensor is not a trial lawyer, he apparently has not seen the very explosive potential of this case: the first couple (Gloria and Mike Arroyo) may validly and legally be dragged into the proceedings by Lozada’s defense team. All that the defense team has to do is invoke certain provisions of the Rules of Court. As a fair and impartial judge, I shall have no reason not to grant such request.
It is true that evil, cruel and vindictive regimes can use the law to make their enemies suffer, but it is that very same set of laws that can enable the oppressed (to) fight back. Such is the beauty of the law: that is why many have fallen in love with the law and have become lawyers or judges. As a child, I have dreamed of one day becoming a judge, to apply the law not to destroy lives, but to make lives better. Now, I am in that position, with the help of God. I dispense justice everyday with the aid and guidance I always seek from our Lord.

When this case goes to trial, I will of course allow the prosecution every opportunity to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

When it is the turn of the defense to present evidence, I will also allow the defense every opportunity to raise reasonable doubt or to destroy each and every element of the felony of perjury.

And if there is a motion to present president Gloria or first gentleman Mike Arroyo as hostile witnesses in order for accused Lozada to establish, I will not hesitate to issue the corresponding subpoena compelling the first couple to testify as hostile witness for the defense.

If Gloria and Mike refuse to obey the subpoena, I will not hesitate to issue the warrants of arrest against them because it is the constitutional right of Lozada to have the best possible defense. And it is my duty as trial judge to see to it that there is due process in my court.

If the police officers refuse to serve the arrest warrants because Gloria is their boss, then I will be forced to deputize other public officers to serve and implement the arrest warrants.

I need not search hard nor should I wait long, for Manila Mayor Lim and the many senators who wish to take Lozada into their custody may move that they be deputized. Some of these people are lawyers, some of them have extensive police experience, like Mayor Fred Lim and Senator Ping Lacson. They can arrest, handcuff and put behind bars any fugitive.

They are no match against the PSG, the Presidential Security Group? What if Sen. Trillanes and his comrades join the mission to arrest? Get the picture, Mr. Railroadman Defensor?

Defensor, just imagine how powerful a message that would (be) for our people and for the whole world. And just imagine how that would affect the first couple.
I now suggest to Mike Defensor not to think only of himself in his perjury case. The welfare of the first couple is also involved, as discussed above.
I invite everyone who may come across this order to pray for both Defensor and Lozada, so there may be peace between them.

Please pray also for me, so that I may always be a good, humble, God fearing and very wise Judge to those who seek justice in my courtroom; and so that I may be elevated from a Judge to a Justice (even though I do not have any political backers) for that would surely make my late father, Jorge Lorredo, Jr. (who is now with Jesus in heaven watching me with a smile on his face) and my mother, Mary Lorredo, very proud of their only child.

So ordered.
May 4, 2009.

Presiding Judge

Any violent reaction guys? On to you now. I just can’t still stop myself from laughing and scratching my head with Judge Lorredos’ order. Don’t worry, I will not file a perjury case against you, so you are all spared to receive this kind of court order, ehhehe LOL!

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stuart-santiago said...

hey elmot! salamat ;) nice round-up.

Jen said...

Agree with Angela :D Nice round-up :)

zorlone said...

Elmot! Sayang you didn't make it to the iblog5. You would have enjoyed the afternoon heated debate! LOL. Ask Roy about it. I met some people there. snow of dearbloggery, mon of fatherlyours, ceblogger, & thirdworldgig. I don't know if you know them, well maybe you do. I am usually stuck to the creative writing niche of blogging, but I will now test the deeper waters.

This is a good summary of the recent events that matter. I guess I would totally stop watching tv (maybe not totally, I love watching commercials hehehe).

btw, would it be too much to ask if you could follow me at twitter too?


And thank you for the mention at fedhz post.

Lucrecio Emerito said...

I have also read about Martin's performance in Roy's blog. Yes, you don't play with the National Anthem. Also, is it difficult to admit a mistake instead of just saying don't blame me?

Books? Taxed that much? Sad.

The Judge is smart. But he should play carefully. He is walking a thin line.

Nice round up, Elms!

ceblogger said...

hi elmot, i thought you were coming to iblog5. i met zorlone, roy and mon. i saw snow from a distance. met thirdworldgeek and other cebuano bloggers too. and the one who originally coined pgb was there too.

Jan said...

What's with that judge! Is he playing Solomon - but instead of sounding statesmanlike and wise he seems ridiculous. Ano ba iyon serious? Maybe he thought he was Jon Steward? lol.

Thanks for the link love, Elms. Oo nga naman, Elms. Add mo naman si Doc Z ha. Username nya: @zorlone.

Snow said...

Aww, thank you for the linky love. Bigla tuloy ako na-guilty kasi medyo busy ako kaya temporarily halted ang bloggery buzz ko.

Anyway, as for Martin - I am so happy Pops dumped this guy. Walang paggalang sa Lupang Hinirang!

elmot said...

@ angela & jen: thanks for the compliment. it is my pleasure to have you here on my blog; and hope you can also know more of the guys here:D

elmot said...

@zorlone: i wished i was there on that event meeting you all guys. i know roy, snow, ceb and mon but haven't met them personally yet.

but the afternoon session with all the debates, ah, i had enough already ehehe!

ei, i think have been following you at twitter already. let me still check though. wow, hope to see your new baby blog soon bro, eheh!

i am sure, you are enjoying all the commercials on tv but i will beg on one: manny villar's ad with all the "dinugo and buwa", this i cant stomach really.

elmot said...

@luke: by the way, conrado de quiros has a dissenting opinion on inquirer today which is very interesting and i quite agree on some of his points, however, the national anthem fiasco thing is basically clothed under the everything that martin is receiving is basically legal. take this law governing the proper way of singing it, then conrado is perfectly singing gospel truths.

yes, taxed! and it is illegal actually according to international treaties for which our country also signified. i loathed this one.

and that judge is now a historical figure, ehehe! he surely has the ass to inject humor on his order, i just don't know if it was intended. LOL

elmot said...

@cebblogger: i know them, but i only a few cebuano bloggers. there will still be for sure another opportunity for me to join the gang, eheh!

elmot said...

@jan: i think i have added Z already on my twitter, but let me check it out again.

i think this judge is either brave and have the moral ascendancy or plainly a clown,e eheh!

elmot said...

@snow: and pops hsa been dumped too. anyway, it ws never my intention to sow guilt in you, ehehe! i know and totally understand. someone who is on reyna elena's second spot of emmerging blogs is surely always on the fast lane.

congrats to all of you guys. :D


I still can't get over that ORDER! Hehehe! Never seen anything like it.

The judge has balls.

bingkee said...

I was really bothered by the way Martin sang Lupang Hinirang. Masyadong OA. Masyadong TH. Sana pinakanta si Arnel Pineda. Mas sikat sa Kano , mas magaling na mang-aawit, and mas he sings from the heart and tiyak na hindi sisirain ang tono ng ating pambansang awit. Naku, sikat si Arnel dito.

reyna elena said...

grabeng assignment mo to saken, but i like the roundup na ginawa mo, maganda hehehe!

first time ko sa site mo and i think i'm gonna like it here hehehe

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