Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Treat with Actresses, Crocs and Swine

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For all those who may not have catch the news but are watching the American Idol faithfully in last few days, and for all my avid fans, faithful readers and commenters (which is actually only a handful of them, hurray! ehehe!), here are the headlines from blog posts about news and politics for the past week that certainly deserves a second-look and short commentary from yours truly.

From the Pedestrian Observer

Mike Defensor Blowing the Whistle Blower Jun Lozada with Arrest

And what the hell are Abalos, Defensor, Atienza, Neri, GMA, Mike Arroyo and all cohorts and lapdogs doing? I would not mind if they share with Jun Lozada the same cell at Muntinlupa. Lapdogs with rabies are deadly when on the loose.

Ahh....they are all enjoying the one and only grilled "burjer" of Benjamin Abalos at Wack-Wack Gold Club, stuffed with especial ingredients and a patty made from all the tampered election returns of 2004. Right Garci? Hmmmm... Bona petite!

At Pagod Ka Na Ba Maging Si Juan

Palparan Accession to Congress, Bad News for Human Rights

And the "butcher" is in the Congress? Ah, I will still give him the benefit of the doubt, if he can live up to the moniker student activists and lives he guillotined, by butchering down to nothingness the over-inflated "pork" barrel our most beloved and respected Congressmen are squandering. Understood Sir? Aye, aye Sir!


May 01, 2009 Labor Day Jobapalooza!

Wow! What a way to celebrate the Day of our Beloved Laborers but by waking up carrying your things before the day even sees the light, lining up for hours and looking for an elusive job? Hmmmm....Crisis since last year? Well, our beloved workers have been asking for an across the board wage increase and better protection of jobs since 2002. I think it should be called now as the "Soon-to-be Laborers Day"?

At Dear Bloggery

Sarah Jessica Parker Expecting Twins!

Ok, mea culpa. This is a bias, I watch Sex and the City, LOL! But what are Hollywood couples up to? Are they on to a twin-siblings spree or she-has-a-twin-I-want-to-have-one-too attitude and antics? Is it from the food they eat or are they all actually aliens from Universal Studios?! Heeelllpppp!

At Yatot Chronicles

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo are Married!

The news that broke the hearts of Judaism. But I like their taste and sheer love for solemnity. Unlike so many actors and actresses getting married qwho are trying to make some extra million pesos out of their wedding from media outfits; even their own pregnancy and giving birth. Way to go though Ryan and Juday!

At Pinoy Biz

Why not Political Ads for Values Instead of Buwa or Padyakitos?

You are totally right! Oh my gosh, there is really a blogger out there making this great post about values? Hurray!

I confess, I am not actually voting Manny Villar for this grave mistake he made. Having all those ducks on a pen is something that I could still swallow, but a lady crying over a "buwa" and sp much bleeding while I am eating my favorite chips in front of the TV is just too much. I am always nauseated and vomiting whenever this commercial is shown. And I hate you for that Manny boy! Kadiri ka talaga! Yuck! Arrggg...oh, and now I feel like vomiting just by making this comment. Arrrgghhh...

At Smoke.Ph

The Fattening of Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith

The post title may be short but I obviously enjoyed the simple picture of Daniel Smith there with the "before" and "after" thing just like what we are seeing on a slimming pill commercial on Home Shopping Network. Hahaha! The Embassy really fed him well eh? Will he therefore become a "swine" flu carrier? Hahha! Just a thought...but you may want to answer.

At Bloggista

Pacquiao Hatton Fight on Free Live Online Stream

At last, the day of reckoning will come to a close inside the four corners of the ring. And I am so damned excited to watch who are all those politicians (including our mayor in Bacolod City) who will be cruising past security personnel just to be with Pacman on the boxing ring, and be marked as those who left their desks with dust and mites and spent thousands of pesos for travel, accommodation, girls, booze and bets. "Epal"!!! I just hope that all those politicians will have "swine" flu in the U.S. because of using their "pork" barrel irresponsibly despite the glaring picture of poverty in our nation...and may they infect all other corrupt officials. I will not apologize. That is my power punch.

Any links that you would still want to add? Additional comments regarding all these news? Be heard here.

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Lucrecio Emerito said...

Nice commentary, thanks. You have a tidy news digest here.

Jan said...

Some clarification:

Hey, today is a slow news day? I noticed the link to the wedding of Juday and Ryan here. What gives, Boy Abunda? I'm puzzled, deeply puzzled.

You had better defend yourself, Mr. Political Columnist.

Ah ganun, tatawagin mo si Yatot. Ok, I withdraw my objection, your honor. Pssst, andyan na ba ang high priest ng Judaism? Makasibat na nga at baka mapingot pa ang tenga ko. hehehehe.

Nice one, Elms.

elmot said...

@luke: thanks for the appreciation. this is actually a kick off...and i will be doing this round up of news around the blogosphere every weekend. and i will start to include international news next weekend. :D

elmot said...

@jan: hahaha! thanks jan, and wow, my last minute perseverance despite the typhoon paid off!

actually, i have not been seeing the high priest of judaism here lately. is he still wandering in HK? LOL

bloggista said...

Hey Elmot, hehe, nice roundup in here. I had a hard time connecting to the internet today since 6am. Darn, i let go a dozen of curses at PLDT - darn, its a Sunday pa naman.

- hiccups.

Paul said...

Hey man! Thanks.

Did you watch the Pacquiao fight? It was sooooo awesome! Except for the parts where we had to watch those darned government TV ads.

Give the ducks and padyucks! At least they make me laugh.

rom said...

Hey elmot! I have a feeling you should be red and fuzzy. :D

yatot said...

wow! meron ka palang weekly roundup! hahahaa... thanks for the link! hehehhe... and congrats for winning in Jan's blog!

elmot said...

@bloggista: i am just to glad to paid a visit hear despite your very busy schedule.

you better make them hear that prob at PLDT...and maybe hear it real loud? hehee

elmot said...

@paul: thanks for the visit here, you are always welcome here bro :D

yea, i did watch the fight and i would like to give GMA my own set of punches for the commercial that seemed eternity.

pacman's knockout was their saving grace from my anger

elmot said...

@rom: ahahah! i am. i am very pleased to have you here.

ei, i love the new look of your blog especially that pic on the cool!!!!

thanks for dropping by :D

elmot said...

@yatot: ei, what happened to you? we miss you bro.

thanks, it was literally hardwork and i won't let my hands off with that grisham book, ehehe

how are doing bro?

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