Sunday, March 29, 2009

Signs You are Getting Addicted to Twitter

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Since late last week, Elmot has been cut off from the Twitterworld. And it has been a calvary for me. Actually I am not really been blocked from using Twitter because of sending some nasty tweets against the administrator for being such a genius, or because of tweeting that George W. Bush is the very reason why we are on a global economic downturn; for the little luck I have is that I could still access it, except from our office computers.

My tweeting may have sent very strong signals to our network administrator that I am having symptoms of passionate loving with Twitter, and so whenever I type on my url, a new page automatically opens up to piss me off by bluntly saying: Site is Blocked by Network Administrator. Reason: social networking site.

Darn, this is an apocalypse.

It tried some simple experiment and at the same time have some fun.

I opened some sexy site and voila, hot chicks roasted under the summer sun. Seems like I brought the sun inside my cubicle; boiling hot at 100 degrees Celsius. While Twitter is blocked for being a social networking site, is not blocked despite displaying chicks wearing nothing but belts and hair clips. The experiment worked out, and proved one thing: you should not socialize online, but you can watch some hot mommas doing a pole dance.

Maybe blocking Twitter impedes my work and many of those in our community including students, but if I may argue, I am spending even longer hours to check on my emails from Yahoo than tweeting. Sounds angry? Nope, just being reasonable. Well, I could still tweet home or even on internet cafes.

I find it funny when Jan and Jeremae told me to drop off my goal of finishing my Master’s degree for it simply distracts my sheer love of tweeting. If tweeting could only give me some big glistening cash I would. LOL! Hey guys I am not addicted to it yet, right Jan? LOL!

But for me tweeting is just but part of the game of life; expanding your horizon, learning more meeting more people. This is the phenomenon called globalization. Boundless horizon, limitless opportunities and unending expansion of thoughts. I am not tweeting to gain traffic, for in all of those who experimented on it, search engines are still the top sources of traffic. And so the answer for it is simply to use SEO techniques. I am tweeting to gain friends and not only confine myself to the solitary space of where I am; learn more through what others see, hear and say.

To make a balance look at the growing phenomenon of tweeting, one may also fall prey to addiction which by all means unhealthy. So I made a list not only for me to introspect and check my level of sanity but also as helpful tips for everyone.

Here is my list of signs when you are already getting addicted to Twitter. And to all those who are guilty, kindly raise your hands and say tweet, tweet. LOL

1. You always check your twitter account every second, every minute and tweets even your blinking and breathing to all your followers. Wow seems like a demi-god? Ahahha…

2. You are already having a hard time as to what blog post to make for you are so consumed by tweeting, but most of the time you end up writing a post about your tweeter or your tweets.

3. You connected twitter to your mobile and even when you are praying your mantra on your toilet, you are tweeting your friends of what you are doing. Yuck!

4. You are always overzealous to receive the replies from your sent messages via twitter and gets suicidal when they don’t reply.

5. When some of your followers who you do not even know or have not even tweeted some Hi or Hello’s unfollowed you, you mourn for more than a week.

6. You jump for joy when you receive a message from your followers or from those you follow and dances like a robin.

7. You are tweeting even in your dreams and wakes up to tweet the same things you dreamt of.

8. You are chirping when you sleep instead of snoring. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.

9. You get afraid of cats.

10. You go up the 5th floor of your office building and tend to believe you can fly. Its a bird, its a plane, its TwitterMan!

I am certainly not addicted to Twitter. I just have some passionate loving with it. How about you guys, any number from the list that you have experienced? Tweet, tweet, tweet.

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yatot said...

hahhaha... now i know why la salle has actually blocked twitter... kasi lagi mo syang ni-che-check... that counts to one loading of websites... if lagi, then that's another count... frequent loading of same page will block talaga from your network.. especially if you dont own persnally the internet!

Jan said...

Oh, I'm such a bad influence. lol. I'm guilty on several counts in your list. As this is my first offense, I'm angling for probation. hahaha.

Hay, naku, di daw sya addicted to Twitter pero he's having Calvary moments on account of Twitter withdrawal. hahaha. Go figure. lol

Make Money Online | diTesco said...

I am still laughing (sorry). This part just made me hit the roof: "you should not socialize online, but you can watch some hot mommas doing a pole dance". Well, I guess to counter that on your network, just use any proxy server and you should be ok.

As far as my addiction to Twitter is concerned, I am yet "innocent, until I am proven guilty". I am probably 50% on your list.

BTW, Thanks for dropping by my blog today. Left you a response there.

bloggista said...

Hehehe! Adeek kana rin. Good thing Im not so into Twitter.

Hehehe, anyways, try to visit my other site, and browse any website safely and past your firewall. LOL. Its a proxy site.

In most cases it works, just don't let them know you're using it. Hehe.

Snow said...

hahaha...looks like you are a twitter addict elmot....

elmot said...

@yatot: ahaha! well, as i said, i even spend much of my time on reading my mails than tweeting. (is this some time of defense mechanism) ahah!

maybe you are right but i think i am not the only person using twitter in our campus for it to be blocked so easily.

elmot said...

@jan: you influenced me to love this one, ehehe! so i guess we are party to the crime, but at least we could still be treated ( or is it only i, jan?) ahaha LOL

i think you are totally right, i am just suffering from withdrawal syndroms. arrgh

elmot said...

@diTEsco: thanks for dropping by on my blog. im happy that i made you laugh at least with my post, ehehh!

we are still innnocent...ehehe!

well, i tried to use a proxy site but to no avail. yatot even tried to put a twitter on my gmail but i guess im all done, ehehe.

oks, ill check your response...:D

elmot said...

@bloggista: thanks for dropping by here bro, despite your very busy schedule.

oks, ill try to check and use it. hope it works (fingers crossed)

good thing you are not yet hooked like us and so not suffer like us, ehehe LOL

elmot said...

@snow: hi ate snow, thanks for dropping by.

i guess i am indeed one. no denials anymore.

do you think i need some treatment already?ahaha

vhincent said...

Its a good thing I still don't have the symptoms of a twitter addict... except for a few... hahaha

try to use proxy servers to access twitter site at your office :)

elmot said...

@vhincent: thanks for dropping by and posting a comment here :D

well, i tried to use a proxy site, but to no avail...

ehehe! i guess, that is just the end of it.

ei, bro, you are always welcome here :D

Jan said...

"When some of your followers who you do not even know or have not even tweeted some Hi or Hello’s unfollowed you, you mourn for more than a week."

hahaha. The line above is so me. Ano ba yan, para namang di buddy si elmot no. Parang natuligsa naman ako dun sa line na yun no. lol

I have learned, buddy. I have made my skin a lot tougher these days. May you not twitch during Lent season - being away from Twitter and all that. hehehe.

elmot said...

@ jan: ei bro, never meant to let those words hit you LOL.

well, i felt those sentiments too before...but you are totally right, we also need to be tough.

and don't worry, hands off on twitter this lent. i will confess to you if i have broken my word padre sibayla, LOL (fingers crossed)

bingkee said...

I could never be a Twitter-addict. So many stuff to do offline besides I'm a Twittarted (Twitter retarded)

elmot said...

@bingskee: ahaha! it is only now that i have heard of twittarted.

indeed, there are so many stuffs to accomplish, and i think it is blessing is disguise for me that i could not tweet anymore that much...coz i finished all the things that has been dumped on my desk :D hay...

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