Saturday, March 21, 2009

Be Careful With What You Tweet

If Karen Carpenter is still alive today, had she thought of not succumbing to totally fast, she will certainly be on ecstasy for one of her songs is the now like a mushroom growing here and there, every second, every minute. As her immortal song goes, "Why do birds suddenly appear?" This is because everytime you visit a blog and even corporate and business sites, you will always see a bird somewhere in the corner of your screen saying tweet, tweet, tweet.

Indeed, Twitter has become one of the fastest global phenomenon spreading in the blogosphere unceasingly. I am even wondering, is twitter on steroids? Twitter has certainly made the lives of bloggers and those enthused with online networking with friends easier if not more enjoyable. With Twitter, you can follow the latest happenings about your favorite sites or blogs and those who are behind it every minute, every hour through somewhat like a short messaging system. And it applies vice-versa.

I am also on Twitter (Elmot), I am using it too. And my verdict is that it is simply amazing. No second thoughts when I signed up for it.

But every coin tossed in the air will always give gamblers two sides to choose from. Though Twitter has reaped up praises for all those users who are into it, there also users who become so comfortable of tweeting anything and everything. They have become irresponsible users and that little bird that used to gently tweet haunted them back like hungry vultures. Here are some of those unlucky fellows.

During this hard times when all economies cringe at the spiraling down of wealth and millions losses their jobs, a lucky job applicant tweeted this courtesy of bhc3:

Cisco just offered a job! NOw I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

What a nuthead. This message caught the attention of Tim Levand, a channel partner advocate of Cisco. And his response to this tweet?

Who is the hiring manager? I'm sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.

And his little bird came back bitten by a vulture. I guess this guy, ended up falling in line in some soup kitchen station.

Another guy, a PR Man also tweeted this one about Memphis posted over at Shankman:

Anything more to say on this one? Only that, his tweet came back to haunt him.

The morale of these stories: Tweet responsibly. Use the web responsibly. If there is one greatest morsel of wisdom for us to always keep on our pockets is that we will reap what we sow. Roy said it right on one of his comments on my blog post, that Your are what you write.

Maybe this time, we should be more vigilant of those being posted on twitter, for it maybe its already something about us. Hmmm...

Ever encountered incidents like these on the web? Do think that Twitter has to do something to avoid this kinds of incidents, or are these things totally beyond their control and solely depends of indvidual sense of responsibility? Be heard.

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Jan said...

Cool. Nice words of warning to the over enthusiastic. Never hurts to be careful. The world is listening, after all. :)

elmot said...

@jan: maybe so many people who are over enthusiastic on using tweet and other social networking sites, are people who have no other outlets to express their angst...

Roy said...

hmm... makes me think about my previous tweets, lol

good thing I don't name names on my tweets, hahaha...

I was fortunate that I am not yet on twitter when I am failing job interviews left and right, hehe...

now at least I am reminded ;)

thanks for the link!

elmot said...

@roy: actually, these incidents made me also think of my postings on the net and tweets. it is difficult to leave footprints that would haunt you later.

maybe gfs? hahah! or by your nasty boss? hahaha

the link? ur welcome. got frustrated for not been able to enter your contest, ehehe.

ceblogger said...

checks my twitter followers. hehe. similar things happened in friendster and other social network. can't actually stop stalkers.

elmot said...

@ceblogger: there is just still to much room for stalkers and perverts to still multiply in numbers on social networking sites.

despite the stuffs that sites employ to stop these kinds of things, they are just not enough.

thanks for the visit here, you are always welcome here. :D

zaifulzin said...

someone has been fired before he attend an interview because of nasty tweet on his twitter profiles..

bloggista said...

LOL - good thing I never used twitter for some personal stuffs - I just leave them to my head.

There are limits to things we want to do. THese tools are available for us to socialize with others - not to announce to the world the things that were to personal.

elmot said...

@zaifulzin: Thanks for the link.

Hahaha! That one was even worse. Haven't even stepped on the carpet of the interview room?

Well, I think it only shows that there are still so many people who does not really know how to be prudent.

Thanks for the visit and the post. You are always welcome here. :D

elmot said...

@bloggista: And not to announce to the whole world damning words and thoughts. It is like a boomerang that would either give you compliments or simply cut your throat, ehehe; build relationships and not to burn bridges.

Wow, I missed you here on my blog. Seems that you are so busy making lots of money for an early retirement eh? ehehe :D

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