Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Erap Joke of the Day!

Tindera: Sir bili na kayo ng kurtina!

Erap: Sige, bibili ako para sa computer ko.

Tindera: Bakit po sa computer?

Erap: May “Windows” kasi ang computer ko, eh.

Har har har har naman tong joke na to! Windows pa ang gamit eh may Vista na. Har har har!

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ice_hot said...

howdy! i just visited your site at around 9:10 pm today. and it looks pretty messed up. the photobucket background images are not loading properly...

the earning student

elmot said...

@ ice_hot: thanks for visiting. i dont know why those photobucket things are messing up my blog though when i am going over my site its oks...

ill try to check on that. thanks for the info though

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