Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today is the Day of Reckoning! Day of Truimph of Filipinos

The news in the television and over the net is really unexpected today. I never really realized these things could have happened in just a snap. For many years and months, I have been part of demonstrations and social awareness programs for the total independence and emancipation of the Philippines from the evil that has haunted my beloved land and people. My personal silence and prayers were also sacred moments in pondering and diligent asking of miracles of great proportion in my country like the crossing of the people of Yahweh in the Red Sea.

The world which has been watching in silence is also moving…most of the times in a different direction quite insensitive and na├»ve to the Filipinos’ crying. Maybe, there is indeed a morsel of truth that nothing could change this country and deliver it from the hands of evil other than the Filipino himself.

But today is the day of reckoning and answered prayers for Filipinos. The great struggle has come to an end! This is the very day that our forefathers and heroes dreamt of.

In the news late in the afternoon, Presidential Spokesperson Ignacio Bunye has announced the stepping down of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from her position. The great scandals, the dissatisfaction of the Filipino nation, the crises that loom under her cloak and the sharp pangs of conscience has made her chose the great sacrifice. In Bunye’s word, “Our dear President has stepped down from her position as the servant of the land to give way to the clamor and social movement for a better nation. Surely the grace and generosity of history will be on her side because of her brave and humble act”.

Effective, today he said, the Office of the President is vacant.

GMA and her whole family left the Palace very emotional in a helicopter heading towards her province of Pampanga and will be going out of the country through Clark…living in exile in some distant Pacific atoll where nuclear bombs are tested.

All cabinet members, all those who were involved in scams and Jocjoc Bolante, Chavit Singson, Garcilliano and all military cohorts led by Esperon will be fed to the growing number of crocodiles in Manila Zoo as per ordered by Senator Trillanes and company.

This news was received with different reactions. The Supreme Court ha not yet issued a statement while the Congress is divided. Many allies of the President in the Lower House of Congress praised her and at the same time saddened by the loss of a great and strong leader. Oppositions through Mayor Binay expressed great joy at the triumph of truth and justice. He said, “the truth will always come out and the Filipino nation will always triumph against any tyrant”. Senator Nene Pimentel expressed his sentiments with words saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is always true”.

So many people has come out of the streets and has already flooded EDSA. I feel great also in this triumph! Now the nation can already move forward journeying towards the light and not in the darkness of deceit and lies.

However, Ignacio Bunye ended his address to the media saying: Happy April Fool’s Day!

By the way, I am the sole winner of the Php 240 million Philippine lottery 6/49 jackpot price last Sunday! whahaha

Everything is a daydreaming. A true freedom only lasting in a dream.

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bloggista said...

I love the way put those two bluffs in one post, a vacant Presidency and winning the Lotto Jackpot.

Both are shrouded with mystery. Both are something to behold. Everyone are after both. But which led me to ask, which one's more possible (statistics wise) - Vacant presidency or winning the lotto big time? :-)

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog dude and for leaving a comment. It's not as good looking as your blog, but the newbie in me will make it look prettier soon. Hehe. Nice blog here.

elmot said...

@ bloggista: thanks for dropping by.

i think statistics-wise, winning the 240php million lotto jackpot is more possble than having gloria step down as a president..hehehe

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