Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome me back in the Blogsphere

I have been out of the blogsphere for more or less two weeks. And those two weeks were really very excruciating, full of tension and tiring. Here are some facts that had happened to me on those weeks that I forcibly shut down the blogging side of me.

1. I presented my thesis proposal to my methods of research teacher and an invited professor and to the whole class. I had a grilling from them though my topic is already great. The bottomline is: They wanted me to contextualize my research on househusbands ( I will be using a qualitative-phenemenological approach) into a more Filipino-based psychology and indentity.

2. The abovementioned recommendation gave lots of headaches for weeks. Its simple cause: research, research and more research! I made revisions on my frameworks and related literature (and I think revision on the whole process, goal and skeleton of my research). Filipinizing it (if there is such a word) was really nerve-wrecking. Burning midnight candles, reading and writing, preoccpied me on weeks that I was just a ghost on own my blog.

3. I studied and prepared on my take home Final Examinations for my Advance Statistics class. Though it was just a cognate, our teacher taught us and treated us like students who dream to be statisticians or some sort of little John Nashs.

4. I completed my revision though there are still some things that I wanted to add on my research proposal for my master's degree. Submitted just on time. Got 3.75 with that...not bad. hmmmm

5. I celebrated my birthday (last March 26) submitting my revised proposal and not fully conscious brought about by sleepless nights and the toll that reading and researching had caused on my brain. Any gifts for me?????

6. Took care of the arrangements for our Graduate School of Education Student Council mid-year workshop. I did all the reservations of venues and vehicles, food and the filling up of forms. All our reservations were checked my the accounting department of the university and everything I did ended up in the trash bin. Graduate School of Education Student Council Budget: -30,000 pesos! ouch!

7. And now and the coming weeks, I am preparing for my comprehensive exams. Goodluck to me!

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