Monday, March 3, 2008

Harassment of Policemen Against DLSU-D (Part 2)

We literally took the long way to Makati last friday for the Interfaith Gathering. Though many from DLSU-D have never stepped in the business district to join in one resounding chorus the call for truth and justice in our country plagued by deceit and abuse, our small voice trapped in the hands of policemen was a blaring sound in the wilderness of Cavite that indeed, the President together with her cohorts should resign and be thrown into the pits of oblivion because of abusing their power and suppressing our basic rights as Filipino citizens. Here are some of the pictures of busloads of students, faculty students, La Salle Brother and administrators of DLUS-D stopped and harassed by policemen at three different points: Salitran Road, Molino Road and Aguinaldo Hi-way. Here are the faces of the little demons and cohorts of the evil queen of Malacanang.

Our group stopped and harassed by policemen at Molino Road. Policemen took the driver's license of our drivers and were in a fishing expedition for charges against us but failed. (click for a complete story

After almost an hour of being stopped and harassed by policemen, with none of them talking to us, not even one of them telling us what about our status, we took our case to the street and voiced our protest to the people. People and commuters immediately responded by blowing their horns while other residents took pictures and texted the media. (click for complete story

Another group of policemen stopping us at Aguinaldo Hi-way after the previous group of law enforcers assuring us of safe passage at the main hi-way of Cavite. They stopped us for more than 20 minutes (doing a fishing expedition once again) and once again, sympathy from commuters and residents ate up the force of the policemen. They let us go, but we noticed that a Tamaraw FX vehicle was trailing ahead of us, while a motorcycle was behind our back. (click for complete story:

Here is the heavily tinted Tamaraw FX van that has been harassing us, not letting us to go our way, blocking our right of way, swerving from left to right to block us from moving ahead. There were two people (very ugly people) inside wearing a vest with the other having a hand-held short frequency radio. This van, even followed our buses as we went back to our school, leaving only our group after we spotted a media van and reported the incident.(click for complete story:
These are our buses heading back to school after being stopped and harassed by policemen at checkpoints and put in danger (also harassed) by surely policemen in civilian driving the FX van. (click for complete story:

Surely, if we have arrived at Makati for the Interfaith gathering with ease and comfort, our school, our students and faculty members would have just been any ordinary protesters gathered in the business district praying and shouting for truth and justice. But because of the brute, sheer calousness and arrogance in no proportion of GMA and her police force, they have legitimized even more the clamour of people and most especially the youth for her to step down and end up her abusive, corrupt and morally bankrupt rule. They have put in the limelight of the Youth and Filipino consciousness what this regime can do to cling to power, to the extent of branding students and faculty members as terrorists and subersives. If you still have the the conscience...wait, she does not have the conscience surely after what she has done...RESIGN, YOU BITCH!

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