Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Fear

One never really knows injustice until one encounters it and has become a victim of it. General Razon last Monday was interviewed via phone in the program of Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon in DZMM regarding policemen blocking and harassing protesters from the provinces as they try to stretch their way to the Interfaith Gathering in Makati. He said that the police force did nothing wrong and just assured the safety of everybody. At one point, DLSU-D's experience against the police force was highlighted in the interview with Failon saying how come policemen stopped and blocked students and faculty members for their reason that they were just checking for those people who may be carrying explosives and deadly weapons planning to sabotage the rally. At this, Razon expressed that why is it DLSU-D is making a great fuss out of last Friday's incident.

I just cannot understand the logic of policemen saying that. They say, anyway we were all safe and nothing happened, no one was hurt. These were also the very words they said to the abduction/kidnapping of Jun Lozada...anyway, he is safe, he is right here, he is alive. All those who were stopped, blocked and intimidated by policemen are surely not making a fuss out of the situation in the frame of mind of Razon or the policemen. We are not taking the spotlight for the sake of fame and recognition from other people to sympathize with us or follow our cause. We are not feeling great because of the great attention that the media and human rights groups are giving us because of what happened. Our ego has not ballooned to great proportion because of the attention we are getting and the support we are hearing. We are making a great fuss out of the situation because if ordinary students and teachers could be stopped, blocked, intimidated and harassed by policemen in some hidden and far-flung area of luzon, how much more to those who speak for the truth about the morally bankrupt government and all its arrogant people?
Who wants to be in the spotlight and become a star by making ourselves baits for the brutality and arrogance of police force? Who wants to become a showbiz personality out abuse one gets from the hands of should-be protectors? One will not and never feel stardom, prestige and a ballooning ego if confronted by people who are willing to step unto your basic rights and dignity. One will only feel fear, uncertainty and the shouting of a voice within for freedom and justice. One will only feel the most basic morsel of truth in this life, that is, freedom! Our fear turned into a formidable strength.

If these people feel great after abusing and harassing people, with their ego inflating bigger than their hearts and souls, surely, what they always look after is "stardom and the spotlight". And don't forget the reward from the queen of black hearts. The flashing of lights is their abode, the power of gold and money their flesh and the darkness of the night is their strength. Freedom is never in their blood, only cold brutality and blind obedience.

This is the same experience of Lozada on the hands of murderers zoomed in into the experiences of each and every Filipino especially the youth crying out for freedom.

The sheer arrogance and use of force of these people to ordinary citizens, especially the youth whom they even suspect as maybe carrying deadly weapons and saboteurs is illogical and a bold showing of fear and insecurity on their part especially the occupants of the Palace. This tells us that their days are counted. Their fear has turned into brutality.

Now, the people especially the youth fully understand the case of Lozada. If the government can harass a people of its own, how much more ordinary citizens who are voicing their right for a clean, honest and responsible government?

I now, does not base that much my clamor for the resignation (if she still has delicadeza) or ouster of GMA from the scandal and bribery issues of the NBN ZTE Deal. I cry for a clean, honest and responsible government now and not later because of the fact that this government has already lost its mandate of protecting the very people that gives them power, authority and their bread and butter. The very people that gives them air to breath and flesh to live as government officials and servant of the people are the very people they now harass and suppress.

It is high time to stop this display of arrogance! And surely, the youth will answer with a thundering YES! And that is something we are making a great fuss about.

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