Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mystery Vehicle

After being stopped and blocked thrice by policemen on our road to Makati (which eventually he have not reached), this Tamaraw FX van was harassing us. With plate number UDJ 927, this vehicle blocked the way of our buses by positing itself in the middle of the road. When one of our buses move forward, this vehicle cut it and stick to it very closely, which it did also to the other buses, leaving us stagnant. Despite the open road ahead of it, it never moved forward. One time, the person aboard it moved the side mirror of the van so that our bus would hit it. Fortunately, our driver was not as moronic as them.

There were two people aboard the van wearing a vest. And per description of one of our delegates who looked unto the van's passengers, these two people are very ugly. They even harassed our buses despite the giving up of the school's goal to reach Makati. They stick with our school's bus until Imus and only left our group when we spotted a media van and reported the incident to them.

The question now is, are they members of the police force knowing that they were not in uniform and the van has a private licence plate?

God is still on our side with his omnipotence, omiscience and omnipresence giving us the grace to pin down these people. Let us look at once again the vehicle.

The answer is: a couple of our faculty members saw this veyr vehicle parked at the police station of Bacoor PNP Station.

It is up for you to judge.

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albert said...

policemen as always known for dirty tactics...what a shame!

chris said...

policemen sucks!

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