Thursday, December 6, 2007

my "rob gale" blooperscapade

Days ago, I went to Ortigas after work to meet a lady who wants to make business with me. Though already very hungry, tired, exhausted and pissed off with the guiness-world-record-only-in-the-Philippines traffic, I still kept my cool and told myself not to ruin my day, since it was already dusking anyway.

She then texted that says: "mit me at rob gale, jst txt me f ur thre n. tc" and of course with the infamous smiley.

I then replied intinctively as fast as the flash of lightning: "s rob gale ur bldg? wer s it? landmark pls"

And whoah and behold, her reply: "ei, dats ROBINSON'S GALERIA. tc" And again the smiley, but I was thinking that it was laughing out loud and jeering at me this time.

I was sitting in the bus and thinking of not proceeding to meeting the lady anymore (maski nasa megamall na ako) and just tell her that I was lost, or the traffic was really eating me up alive or just tell her that I am having an LBM. Anak ng putik, pahiya ako dun ah!

Anyway, a commitment is a commitment.

We met at Starbucks and she's a nice lady of 24. We talked about business over a cup of 150-peso coffee (mahal, kape lang naman!). And without even noticing it, we shared about our lives spontaneously. What hit me in our conversation was when she told me that she is a Catholic but is a practicing buddhist. At that, they have a group composed primarily of young professionals coming from different religions and walks of life and what binds them together is their longing and constant yearning for inner peace against the turmoils around us. The group she said, does not convert anyone who wants to join to buddhism but they are just taught there to live the way of life of a buddhist; their primary practice is meditation.

We parted ways that night with lots morsels of wisdom for one another. And thank God, my blooper and being dumb about "rob gale" never surfaced on our conversation.

I was pondering on my way home with the TV on the bus turned on. The evening news. Now far from "rob gale."

I said to myself that I need a sense of peace, inner peace.

Bad news, harrowing stories of despair, fear, anger and death very unimaginable but are happening flashing before my eyes. I know that at some points of my life I already experienced it, but now I am really longing for it. All of us were in front of the televison being forcibly fed with the evening news(?).

Inner peace. How?

And like a snap in the air, I remembered the words of my Catholic-practising-buddhism-friend: "Inner peace comes from being conscious that you want it, need it, and ultimately does it. Pray, to the One true being in our your life. Be silent and this time listen."

Yeah, I need to go back to prayer. And this time, LISTEN.

I opened my bag and took out a book about inner peace and meditation that she let me bring home.

I opened the first page: "Life is like a vast ocean. Though the drops of water are dirty, if they fall to the ocean, they does not make the ocean dirty."

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