Thursday, October 31, 2013

Son of Batangas Congressman Caught on Video Hitting a 66-Year Old Jeepney Driver

Seems that the spotlight against lawmakers because of the PDAF scam will not be fading away very soon as a son of lawmaker from Batangas was caught on video cursing and hitting a jeepney driver.

The son of Batangas 3rd District Rep. Sonny Collantes, and at the same time his chief of staff, Atty. King George Leandro Antonio Collantes, is facing a physical injuries complaint from the 66-year old driver Orlando Garcia.

The altercation started when the young Collantes confronted Garcia as the latter allegedly cut off his driving lane.  In the video by ABS-CBN, the lawyer was seen shouting and cursing the old man and eventually hit him several times.  

Garcia suffered an injury in his eyebrow.

Collantes however said in the blotter report that he accidentally hit Garcia’s eye after the driver tried to grab his phone while he was making a call.

Garcia’s family is also planning to file a case at the Department of Social Welfare and Development as the driver’s 9-year old grandson who was with him during the incident reportedly was traumatized by the incident.

The young Collantes was also seen driving a black car with a car plate number “8” which was already prohibited by President Aquino is his “Anti Wang-wang” campaign at the start of his presidency.

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