Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who is Achee Flores, Her Controversial Comments and Alleged Photos/Pictures

Who is Achee Flores: The hottest name in town is a certain Ahcee Flores, not because this person is the latest talent discovered on YouTube, or made a new Guinness Book world record, or won the Republican presidential nomination.

Ahcee Flores is the most hated person today in Philippine cyberspace. That is because of her insensitive comments against Visayan people who were struck by a strong earthquake yesterday.

The magnitude 6.9 earthquake’s epicenter was recorded near Tayasan, Negros Oriental.

Many establishments were damaged, roads showed cracks, same as bridges and other infrastructure. A tsunami alert was also issued by Phivolcs that caused some panic in Cebu, Negros and other islands near the area.

But while the nation prays for people in the Visayas area, especially that at least 57 people were reportedly dead, this certain Ahcee Flores knows how to spoil the day and post some of the most stupid and insensitive comments in the midst of a tragedy.

Ahcee Flores’ comments appeared on Yahoo Philippine’s news article on the said earthquake. She said,

Other screenshots of her comments.

Rough translation: “Don’t worry guys, if the tsunami won’thappen today, there are chances of it happening. It will happen. Just keep on praying.”

What duh??!!!

These insensitive comments of Ahcee Flores were received with anger, disgust and outrage by many Filipinos. Twitter was on fire castigating this Flores and Facebook pages against her were also made.

According to BrainCotour.com, the real name of this Ahcee Flores is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos, although a confirmation of this information is not yet available as of this writing.

Alleged photos of Ahcee Flores are also circulating on Facebook.

Whoever is behind this insensitive posts should come out and take the heat, and not hide from his/her online name.

The anger of Visayans is really something as one of the posts express their desire to go on head-hunting:

Freedom of speech has its own limits.

As they say, one’s freedom ends at the tip of his/her nose…well, I guess talking about noses, the alleged photos of Achee Flores above shows what “emphasis” is all about.

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