Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan Sex Scandal VIDEO TAPE Surfaces and Stirs Controversy

Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan Scandal: A new twist to a very controversial murder of Ramgen Revilla enters the picture as a sex scandal video allegedly involving the slain victim and his girlfriend, the witness to the crime, surfaces online.

A YouTube video allegedly showing Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan in a scandal video was uploaded.

For Manahan’s legal counsel, the video is an act of adding insult to injury and “another attempt at murdering her, this time through character assassination.”

Atty. Argee Guevarra also called on authorities to investigate this incident.

“[Ramgen’s] siblings took possession of his belongings after he died.”

And who is behind this act?

For Manahan’s camp, the younger siblings of Ramgen took over all of his possessions after the crime, and may most probably know something about this scandal posted online.

On the video which lasted for more than one minute, Ramgen can be seen with Janelle both naked and sharing intimate moments in a comfort room.

For Atty. Guevarra, the timing and motive is really questionable.

“What we want to know is the purpose of circulating this video. Why stoop to this level of blackening the memory of your dead brother just to get even at Janelle for speaking about facts surrounding the crime?”

Note: Snapshot of the video was removed due to legal issues and as respect to the victims of the gruesome crime.

Ramgen Revilla’s younger siblings are implicated to the murder.

The sex scandal video was already removed from YouTube.

This is not the first time scandal videos of celebrities were uploaded on YouTube. You have that of Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez torrid kissing video; another one is the sex video of Indonesian pop star Nazril Ariel Peterpan with models and actresses Luna Maya and Cut Tari that sparked outrage in that Muslim country. And who will forget also of Pia Guanio making out photos with BF in a resto.

Of course, most recently is that of the stupid video of Mo Twister about Rhian's alleged abortion.

Poll Question: Who do you think is behind the release of this video so insensitive to the death of Ramgen and the situation of Janelle?

A. Janelle Manahan herself (as subsumed from Genelyn Magsaysay's statement that it was Janelle who knows the password to Ramgen's laptop)

B. Ramgen's siblings and/or Genelyn Magsaysay (because they are implicated as suspects to the crime, and as being accused by Janelle's camp)

C. Police investigators (as Genelyn Magsaysay would indirectly say as the cops confiscated some of Ramgen's gadgets as part of their investigation)

Post your thoughts.

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