Sunday, March 13, 2011

South Korean Diplomats Scandal in Shanghai (Photo) Investigated

News about scandals is taking the front pages of major dailies on several countries in Asia. First it was a Taiwanese top model who is being linked to offering sex services Shanghai, now the issue of sex scandal shifted to high government officials from neighboring country South Korea.

Reports from several international news agencies indicate that three Korean diplomats were engaged in a sex scandal.

The three diplomats were reportedly assigned in China.

Reports say that they were involved in a sex-for-favor scandal with a Chinese woman in Shanghai. The three in exchange of carnal pleasure, have allegedly given confidential government information to the Chinese woman.

With all the scandal and humiliation that the South Korean government is embroiled with, it has sent an inter-agency team to China to investigate the scandal and make necessary recommendations to higher authorities.

Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan said that the government is not condoning the actions of the two diplomats. He added that investigation will be fair and proper sanctions will be meted out.

Photo credit: Boston Globe

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