Friday, March 11, 2011

Philippine Teen Junrey Balawing Declared as World’s Smallest Man by Guinness

Guinness World Record is expected to recognize a Filipino teenager to be the smallest man in the world, according to several online reports.

Junrey Balawing, a 17-year old teenage boy from Zamboanga del Norte was recognized as the smallest man in the world as his height registered as merely 22 inches. At this his, he was said to be just a litter taller and a glass bottle and is as tall as a one-year old child.

Junrey easily defeated the record held by Niqo Hernandez, 24, from Colombia whose height measures at 27 inches.

The 17-year old teen said,

“If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool.”

His parents thought that there is nothing wrong with their child. But also at one point took the effort to see a doctor they were only advised to give Junrey vitamins.

"I would love to be able to work while my other children are at school but I can't leave Junrey. He needs my care every minute of every day.

Junrey can only walk with some help and he can't stand for too long because he's in too much pain. But he loves it when I tell him he's the smallest man in the world, he just smiles with pride," said Junrey’s mother.

Junrey was described by his family as a happy kid despite his limited height.

He may not yet received any formal recognition from Guinness but I am pretty sure that he will be recognized pretty soon.

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