Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sec. Angelo Reyes Reportedly Committed Suicide; Single Bullet on His Chest Caused His Death

The former Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes was reported early Tuesday to have passed away after apparently committing suicide.

The incident of Reyes shooting himself happened at the burial site of his parents at the Loyola Memorial Park around 7 AM. He was immediately brought to the Quirino Hospital around 7:30 AM. Doctors were said to have done their best to save Sec. Angelo Reyes but found no improvement. The wound doctors said was really fatal - a bullet wound on his chest. Doctors officially pronounced Sec. Reyes dead at 8:32 AM.

Witnesses said that Sec. Reyes visited the tomb of his parents early morning together with his 2 children and 2 bodyguards at the Loyola Memorial Park, Marikina. He reportedly asked his aides and children to leave him when he apparently shot himself.

The Lower House of Congress has made its own investigation of the plea-bargaining agreement today, which has also invited Sec. Angelo Reyes.

During the past weeks, Reyes has been one of the controversial figures of the alleged corruption in the Philippine military during his stint as Chief of Staff. He was accused by Mr. Rabusa to have received P50 million in “pabaon”.

The President has already expressed it sadness over the death of Sec. Reyes.

Sec. Angelo Reyes led the military on withdrawing their support to former President Joseph Estrada during the People Power 2. He was then taken various cabinet positions under Gloria Arroyo like that of the Department of Defense, Department of Interior and Local Government and the Department of Environment.

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lorry said...

stupid general, who do not want to face the truth!!!! but commits suicide instead.

how stupid of him to act like he is not man enough.........

Anonymous said...

Media cover up campaign for afp corruption starts. How much money changed hands for abs cbn media men to mount a propaganda to promote the lie that angie reyes is a victim instead of a MALEVOLENT PERPETRATOR AND PROMOTER OF AFP CORRUPTION? Vice president noli boy de castro please answer. Remember you are known to the public as AC/DC, attack collect/defend collect, and one of the most corrupt (extortioner) media men in the land.

Anonymous said...

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