Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Egyptian Father Names his Baby Daughter “Facebook”

The biggest social network to date boasts of more than half a billion users and most recently a multi-awarded movie.

But Facebook’s fame has gone a notch higher after a couple from a country most recently experiencing political turmoil has named their baby daughter “Facebook.”

Yes, you have read it right.

An Egyptian couple named their baby daughter Facebook as a tribute to the social networking site after the social networking giant served as a great way of igniting the most recently uprising in Egypt against their 30-year ruler Mubarak. President Mubarak most recently resigned and Egypt’s government is in transition under the military rule.

The father was reportedly a young man who is on his twenties. The name of his daughter is a tribute to the active role of the youth during the January 25. The daughter’s name is "Facebook" Jamal Ibrahim.

Among those who actively participated in the movement to oust Mubarak was Google executive Wael Ghonim. Twitter, Facebook and the internet as a whole served as great means for the organizers to increase their strength and ultimately get their triumph against a long-time ruler.

I wonder if soon we will soon hear a baby named Jose Twitter.

Photo credit: huffingtonpost.com

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