Friday, February 4, 2011

Cyclone Yasi Hits Australia (Photos)

A natural disaster described by authorities as a "monster, killer storm" will hit a big part of Australia over the next 24 hours. Authorities had already made efforts on making evacuation efforts in order to save the lives of Australians who has not yet recovered from the massive flooding the past weeks.

The storm is said to register at 20mph and measures 360 miles wide and wind will reach at 180mph. Its strength is described to that of Hurricane Katrina that wrecked havoc in the United States.

Authorities in Australia said that Cyclone Yasi will make landfall at around at midnight (2pm GMT) near Innisfail. Around 400,000 were said to be living the path where the Cyclone Yasi is going to pass through.

The massive storm set to hit the land down under has already stirred an online buzz. Australians have vented out their frustrations and fears through the social networks.

Authorities have already used the internet in order to constantly update Australians about the storm.

Cyclone Yasi Photos:

Photo credit: Australian Goverment - Bureau of Meteorology

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