Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vizconde Massacre Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has acquitted Hubert Webb and all other suspects implicated to the gruesome crime of the decade, the Vizconde Massacre.

With the vote of 7-4-4, all the suspects that were convicted by the lower court through Judge Tolentino and the Court of Appeals were released from prison in the Bilibid Prisons. Mr. Lauro Vizconde received the news with great sadness and at the same time yearning for justice for his family that were murdered at their own home. Mr. Vizconde was asking the justices that with the decision to free the suspects, how will he ever receive justice and know the “real” perpetrators.

The Supreme Court on rendering its judgment had found the prosecutor’s handling of the case and all the evidences presented weak. In particular is the prime witness Jessica Alfaro’s credibility that the court found without any merit. Moreover, the court gave credence to all the documentary evidences that Webb presented showing that he was in the United States when the massacre happened.

Read Supreme Court Decision Vizconde Massacre Full Text here.

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