Friday, November 26, 2010

Philippine Senate Wants to Have Live Stream of Sessions

The Senate of the Philippines has already started making its online live streaming of its sessions in the internet in order to promote more transparency in the government.

Senator Pangilinan was the one who pushed for the live stream of the sessions of the Philippine Senate said,

"Opening public proceedings to new media of late has become a vital source of interaction not only in the country but in other countries' governments as well. Our aim is to provide the public... accurate information, transparency and accountability.... this is also aligned with the goals of the Aquino administration in having the public participate in governance."

The government is bent on using the internet and social media on its campaign for transparency in public governance. This thrust is also part of the President Aquino’s agenda to curb out corruption and help the people understand how the government works and let them know how they can actively participate.

Senators said that the Philippine Senate live stream could easily be accessed by the public anywhere as long as they are connected on an internet line. Just go to the official website of the Philippine Senate at

Hope that this project could make our government more transparent and connected to the people.

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