Saturday, October 23, 2010

UFC 121 Lesnar vs Velasquez - Fight Video Replay Online

UFC 121 Lesnar vs Velasquez is already on Saturday October 23, 2010 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. UFC fans are already excited about this whole fight as this match is not only a great match but could also make history.

Brock will defend his UFC heavyweight title against the Mexican Velasquez.

Cain is an undefeated fighter and is surely hungry and very much motivated to knock out Lesnar or send him into submission as he could become the first ever Mexican to win a UFC belt.

Lesnar on the other hand will have to bring in more skills and tactics and strength inside the octagon against the younger fighter. The last time he fought was against the veteran and strong puncher Shane Carwin with which the Shane had almost knocked him out during the first round. Lesnar though found redemption as eh sent Carwin into submission and successfully defended his title.

Both UFC fighters said that they had a great training camp and are all ready slug it out inside the famous octagon.

Who will win?

We can only know that on Saturday.

Let’s get it on!

Note: Hopefully, after the fight, a fight reply video of UFC 121 would be made available.

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