Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pokwang Losing Her Temper, Nagmumura Video

The video of Pokwang losing her temper and screaming on top of her voice on some production people has been increasing in page views over YouTube.

On the said video, Pokwang was caught wearing some costume and could be shooting for a television project and from thereon was seen screaming and even throwing a chair. Certainly on that video, people will easily think that she is really out of her mind.

Another part of the video shows the comedienne asking the people not to record the whole thing.

Was the video real or just another part of a gimmick to prop up a new television program or project? Asked about the whole issue, Pokwang still clad on the same dress she was caught on video just smiled and said there is nothing to worry about the whole confrontation issue. So I guess, it is all orchestrated.

Watch Pokwang Video:

Do you think that this video is all just part of a gimmick?

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1 comment:

pamatayhomesick said...

mukhang na aano lang eh, di naman ano.. wala akong ma ano naman..

gimik lang sa tingin ko.

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