Sunday, September 12, 2010

Side Effects of MRI Drugs Reported by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has released a statement Thursday giving warning to doctors and patients of the side effects of the injectable drugs used for the MRI medical imaging scans procedure. The side effects of MRI drugs is said to be deadly to patients who are with kidney problems and diseases.

Side effect is said to lead to a rare syndrome which in turn makes the hardening of the skin and tissue growths along the joint area and internal organs that is called as nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy. If not treated and taken care of, can lead to death.

The drug identified by FDA used for MRI is the one that uses gadolinium. It is issuing its strongest warning on drug labels that will soon be seen by medical practitioners as the one on a bolded box on the top section of the name of the drugs.
"These label changes are intended to help ensure these drugs are used appropriately.”
Some of the drugs identified by FDA to have greater risks on the said side effect are the following: General Electric Healthcare's Omniscan, Bayer Healthcare's Magnevist and Covidien's Optimark.

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