Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High-Paying Google Adsense Keywords and Top Paying Keywords

For bloggers who make money online out of their posts and the surge of traffic these gets from search engines, keywords are always the key to get on top and rake in the cash. But not all keywords are worthy milking cows for some bloggers as some keywords are so cheap that eventually, despite many clicks you get, your cash register will only show some pennies.

That is why, there are bloggers who also focus on or equally give importance to top-paying or high-paying Google adsense keywords in order to get in more moolah.

These high-paying keywords are usually those considered on very competitive niches flocked by wealthy industries and sectors who are ready to pour in their cash just for their products and services to get attention and customers.

So how can one say that a Google keyword is a high-paying keyword? Well, for me these keywords are those that will make you earn at least $2.00 per click. Some keywords in this league even gives $75 per click. Amazing huh. True.

Here are some high-paying Google keywords I discovered.

Fire Proof File Cabinets $8.82

Home Loan $9.02

Accept Credit Card $10.43

Web Name Registration $13.37

Home Equity Line of Credit $18.35

Of course these Top-paying google keywords prices also fluctuate from time to time because of the supply and demand principle. But at least we get the idea that these are not google keywords that will give us only pennies.

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