Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Facebook Mobile Phone Out Soon

Facebook, the social networking giant is rumored to be making its own version and brand of a mobile phone. But the rumor is not yet confirmed or denied by the company. But those who are into this tech gossip says that most probably, Facebook is making a software for the phone rather than making the whole of the gadget on their backyard. Speculator further said that maybe, the company would just hire a third party company to work on the hardware.

The plan of a FB phone came about they said as the company is becoming more conscious of the growing power of Iphone and Android platforms that has seen a surge in demand from consumer nationwide especially for Apple.

Two people are pointed out to be working on this project secretly: Matthew Papakipos and Joe Hewitt; who are both experienced on the said kinds of programming and platform.

So for now, speculations and excitement to all who are awaiting of the FB mobile phone. But then, FB has to come out real big and great on this project, as Apple is surely a formidable enemy.

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