Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chilean Miners Trapped Video and News Updates

A morbid sight and situation for the 33 Chilean miners that were trapped for more than a week already under 2,300 feet below the ground in San Jose gold and copper mine as one of the passage ways collapsed due to the heavy rains.

The Chilean miners are working under the San Sebastian Mining Company in Chile. Fortunately, all miners are all alive and have found refuge on a shelter just below the part of the mining area where the rock collapsed and passageway.

Chilean authorities are now working hard to provide the miners with all the necessary things they need like food, glucose tablets and medicines that are coursed through a small hole that could reach the miners of up to one hour from the surface down. One of the biggest challenges that authorities are facing is to keep the mental state of the miners well as the rescue operation is projected to last up to two months with the boring of a new hole that will fit the miners has just started. Rescuers have already sent out filler to know the physical state of the 33 trapped miners and are planning to send a microphone in order for them to talk to their families.

With the incident, the Chilean government is being castigated by many groups for its poor administrative efforts on improving the safety standards of mining in a country which is known to be one of the biggest sources of gold and copper.

The escape tunnel is projected to cost around more than 1 million pounds. Video of the trapped Chilean miners circulated the web and so far, they are in good condition with one of the plumber taking the role of being the leader of the group.

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