Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheapest and Most Affordable E-Bay Item

My blogging buddy Jehz posted a blog article and at the same time a contest about the Cheapest E-bay item and it was a great contest as people and bloggers scrounge to share the cheapest item they could find on e-Bay and have them for free.

I must say that I am always amazed with how and what Jehz is posting on his blog; full of wit, humor and fun. But I am also amazed to see that they are also SEO articles that rises up on the top pages of search engines though not too many people know, or is it only I who is thinking of that, LOL!

Back to the cheapest E-bay item, Jehz is at the third spot on Google on the keywords cheapest e-bay item, ehehehe!

I don’t know if there are really searching for those keywords but nonetheless, I can say that Jehz is really a genius.

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