Monday, August 23, 2010

Philippine Bus Hostage Crisis Ends in a Bloody Death of Sr. Inspector Mendoza

All cameras and the whole world were watching as the Philippine Bus hostage crisis dragged on for hours. After almost 12 hours of drama, the suspect, a former police captain was shot dead by a sniper as one by one police officers rush on to take out the remaining Chinese tourists.

Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza was reportedly shot to the head by sniper after officers found a way to get a shot off the suspect armed with a pistol, an automatic rifle and a knife. Mendoza is a former police officer who got axed from the service only two years before retirement after getting involved into series of cases including robbery extortion and illegal drugs. The cases filed on him led him to be dismissed to the service and all his retirement benefits forfeited.

This resulted on him as his family would say into depression that ultimately led him to hostage the Philippine bus earlier this morning at around 9 AM in Luneta in Manila with over 20 Chinese tourists on board.

Heavy exchange of gunshots from inside the bus was heard and a bystander was even hit on the leg.

As of this writing, a confirmed number of survivors and dead tourists has not yet been posted by authorities as they are still attending to survivors who were sent to the nearest hospitals in Manila.

Mendoza was asking for the cases filed on him be reviewed and dismissed.

Negotiations were made earlier during the day and some of the hostages were released, but soon after 3 PM, Mendoza opened fire making the negotiations in a stalemate.

The bus driver escaped also and was soon brought to the police station for questioning.

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