Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hotel, Restaurant Jobs Abroad for Filipinos (OFWs)

More jobs for Filipinos abroad are made available on the sector of Hotel and Restaurant services as announced by the Asian School of Hospitality Arts. Labor demands on this work sector it says rose as the hotel and restaurant industry saw a steady rise in occupancy in the past months.

Hotel and Restaurant Jobs Salary:

Compared to the minimum rate that many workers receive on this sector in the Philippines, OFWs working as either barista, chef, hotel managers abroad are paid with hefty sums ranging from $10 an hour for baristas to $50 an hour for hotel managers. Chefs working abroad usually earn P150,000 a month.

But of course, people at ASHA says that better education and training are still the main requirement for one to successfully work abroad on the hotel and restaurant sectors.

They said,

“The better and higher education that is obtained, the more plentiful the
opportunities will be.”

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