Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2012 SONA Live Streaming - Pres. Noynoy Aquino SONA 2010

 UPDATE: On July 23, President Noynoy Aquino is going to deliver his third State of the Nation Address or SONA 2012. 

Expected on his SONA is his report on his accomplishment and plans for the government in the joint session of Congress and of course will be watched by millions of Filipinos.

But also expected are the protests and rally that militants will stage during the SONA.  Members of different militant groups said that they will try their best to stage their rally near the Batasang Pambansan Complex.  According to policemen however, the SONA will be made peaceful and successful with more than 6,000 policemen to ensure peace and order.

According to Malacanang, the 2012 SONA speech of President Aquino is already in its 4th draft and is about 30 pages long.

SONA 2012 Live Streaming

The SONA 2012 is going to be aired live by local networks and expected is the airing of it via live streaming.  So keep updated and check it out here and I will post the live streaming channel of SONA 2012 most probably coming from the government station PTV4.


On August 26, President Noynoy Aquino III will deliver his State of the Nation Address or SONA 2010 in the joint session of Congress.

Spokesperson of the Pres. Aquino said that the bachelor president is already into writing the draft of his SONA speech and people are to expect the chief executive of the country to deliver the condition of the nation left by Gloria Arroyo.

Students will also surely be required to make reaction papers on the SONA 2010 by Pres. Aquino.

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