Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kobe Bryant Injured Finger, Injury Update

He may have won the NBA 2010 Finals MVP and is even aiming high of winning a third crown come next NBA season but Kobe Bryant may have first to reckon with his injured finger in order to be on top shape against other NBA teams that are beefing up their roster of players.

Most visible of Kobe Bryant’s injury on his right index finger was his dismal performance during Game 7 of the NBA Finals against Boston Celtics of which he got only a 6-24 shooting rate. This finger is said to be the most important one in order for a basketball player to have a great and accurate shooting.

“For Bryant, the sacrifice for success could well be visible for the rest of his career in the form of something that is not another championship ring to go around his finger.

He might never play again without wearing support for his damaged right index finger.
The middle knuckle on that critical finger on Bryant's shooting hand is so debilitated by arthritis after the past season of misuse and overuse that there may be no real way to fix it. Bryant will consult with specialists in July to figure out his options, but arthritis is not a problem that can just be cleaned up with arthroscopic surgery or wished away with a little rest.”

So how Kobe Bryant’s finger injury affect Lakers’ campaign for a third straight win in the NBA?

I think it will certainly be a big deal for their campaign especially on moment that Bryant is the one bailing out for the team.

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