Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bebemon Language Wants to Upstage Jejemon

I have come across an online article of about a new lingo that is getting some steam may soon try to emerge side by side the jejemon fever.

This time, it is called Bebemon. Sounds funny huh? Well, from the name itself this new text language and even language used by teens is based on what they call a baby language or baby talk. Do you have a baby brother or sister or nephew or niece doing a baby talk? Then that is what Bebemon is all about, all for the fun of it of course.

Here is an example that CoolBuster shared that made me laugh really.

"Matutulog na po ba kayo Kuya?" becomes "Matutuyod na po ba tayo Tuya?"

"Naiinis na ako sa 'yo!" is changed into "Daiinit na ato tayo!" (LoL!).

Hey, this is not yet the end of the world, LOL! But people are really experimenting and pushing language construction to limits and when I say to the limits, it is really to the limits of what is sometimes rational and logical.

I will not wonder if one of these days we will hear another lingo that is “Bobomon”.

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