Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PCSO Lotto Franchise, How to Apply, Requirements, Application Forms

There are still a good number of people who are asking how to apply for a Philippine Lotto or PCSO franchise. This tells us that the this particular business opportunity for others and the state vehicle to fund its charity works is still growing and the market to put on Lotto outlets and stations around the Philippine country.

The application for PCSO Lotto franchise is very long and in Luzon alone, the application is almost closed.

This is the very reason why scammers and those who use the PCSO for their own personal gains. So far, only minimum slots for Visayas and Mindanao are still available but for all those interested, the best way to do is to really go directly to a PCSO office and not trust anyone who presents themselves to help you.

If you are lucky enough to still get a slot, this is the process:

How to Apply for a PCSO Lotto Franchise in the Philippines?

How to Apply as an Online L0ttery Agent?

1. The applicant is requested to fill-up the On-Line Lottery Application Form
The Application Form shall include the following attachments:
* Sketch/Location Map of the proposed outlet site.
* Picture of the building of the proposed outlet site.

2. PCSO shall conduct the inspection and technical evaluation of the proposed outlet site/s.

3. The applicant shall be informed of the evaluation result. If the proposed outlet site is viable, the following shall be required:
please visit:

4. PCSO shall notify the applicant on the status of the application concerning the availability of communication facilities in the proposed outlet prior to installation of facilities.
5. The applicant shall be informed when to fabricate lotto booth.

6. For Terminal Installation.

7. Payment to PCSO for Processing Fee.

8. Payment to PCSO of an Installation Fee.

9. Payment of Surety Bond to the GSIS. PCSO based station at the Annex I Bldg., 2/F)

10. Request for training in the operation of terminal.

11. Proceed to Merchandising Section for outlet provisions. NCR outlets will be provided by the Main Office, Quezon City. For NCL/STBR outlets, provisions will be given at the respective PDO covering the said locality.

12. Signing of the Agency Contract with the PCSO.

13. For On-Line Activation.

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