Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jejemon Language Translator, Jejemons Text Messages Quotes, Jejebadge

This jejemon thing is becoming more and more popular among the young generation. People are talking about jejemon from DJ’s on radios, social networking sites, TV programs and even comedy bars. Man, it seems that the next great plague I see is the “jejemon invasion.”
I am not particularly so amused with jejemon language. I do not know what jejemon really means more so happy when receiving jejemon text messages and quotes.

I hate when simple things are made to be so complicated just for the fun of it.

Jejemons makes a whole new language especially on sending text messages by using “caps” changing the spelling of words and using lots of punctuation marks.

And example is this that I made over the Jejemon Language Translator:

How are you?

hoW ZAReZU,~ N0h?~

While there are jejemons, there are also youngsters out there who call themselves the jejebusters who wants to end this mind-boggling language that the latter say borders on stupidity more than a fad.

But for all those moms, and people who are really having a hard time reading and translating to regular messages these jejemon text messages; die-hard jejemons came up with a jejemon language translator or what they call “Jologs-inator”.


Image from Flair Candy

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jan geronimo said...

EoW pFuOh!

Look at that - a clear case of self-inflicted mental retardation.

Or perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps jejemon just comes naturally to some people.

It has caught on because it's lots of fun and many people are doing it anyway? Well, it's not my kind of fun. But I concede it's very funny if sane people resist this invasion with every weapon at their disposal. Shotgun, paltik, sumpak, sling shot, anything.

Lai said...

jejemon languange in itself, di naman mali. kulet nga eh, pinoy na pinoy. hehe

kaya lang pag nakasanayan ng mga bata ang ganyang lenguahe, pano sila makikikpag "interface" pag naging young professionals na sila. Fun kung sa fun, pero pag nakagawian, mahirap baguhin. Baka ung simpleng 100-words na paragraph lang for resume, di pa masulat ng maayos.
Ilugar lang, wag naman ung ang OA na ng pag gamit.. kasi nakaka irita. swear.


Anonymous said...

Fun pala turuan mo ng mali ang mga bata ha

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