Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adam Carolla Dissing Manny Pacquiao Remarks Video, Racial Slur on Filipinos?

Adam Carolla, an American comedian dissed Manny Pacquiao during his podcast and caused a great uproar as Adam Carolla rant on Manny Pacquiao on his show.

The dissing at Manny Pacquiao was primarily all about Pacquiao’s refusal to take drug tests the Olympic way as per challenged by Floyd Mayweather. (Floyd Mayweather fights Shane Mosely on May 1, 2010 instead)

The Adam Carolla remarks went even overboard especially to many Filipinos as he called the great admiration of Filipino fans like a Pacquiao Religion that has to do with “praying to chicken bones. Some Filipinos has decried the remarks as racial slur.

Watch Adam Carolla Dissing Manny Pacquiao Remarks, Racial Slur Video:

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1 comment:

Roy Lopez said...

There is an article about this saying Pinoys should take this as a challenge. Bakit ang mga Pinoy ay nagagalit kay Adam Carolla kung ang sinasabi niya naman ay TOTOO?

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