Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meralco, NAPOCOR Rotating Brownout Schedules in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

The rotating brownouts that we all experience really suck! This power crisis in the Philippines has led to a more cynical public towards the government on its competence on solving the problem and at the same time of assuring the public that the brownouts will not be used to cheat during Election Day.

Rotating brownouts schedules are sometimes given very late while people, companies and institutions are already deep into their work. Though the NAPOCOR and Meralco has already assured that the Luzon and Visayas areas will have more stable power supply, Mindanao on the one hand experiences the worst.

In Mindanao, brownouts or could even be called black outs lasts for more than 8 hours a day as their main source of power which are the hydro electric plants had already dried up. The problem is that stability and the going back to normal of water levels of these hydro power plants is seen to only happen on December 2010 while energy problems in Mindanao will only stabilize in 2011..

Election day in this particular sense in Mindanao with the automated election is in peril if not opens doors for cheaters.

The schedule of rotating brownouts will be experienced by customers of Meralco in Luzon for 2 hours everyday as power plants are undergoing repair and maintenance check. The 2-hour brownout will be distributed on different locations in Luzon.

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1 comment:

kayeshayne said...

yes you are right there! we are so sick and tired of the rotating brown out schedule here in mindanao particularly in our city in cagayan de oro. We have a brown out schedule 5 hours every day! That really sucks!

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