Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Upgrade Globe Tattoo USB Stick, Firmware Upgrade

I use a Globe Tattoo USB Stick whenever I surf the internet away from my personal computer on laptop without a Wi-Fi..

Now, for all those Globe Tattoo users who concern themselves with how to upgrade their Globe Tattoo USB Stick

These are the instructions from the Globe Tattoo Website:

What You Need:

To upgrade your Globe Tattoo USB stick, you need the following:

• The Globe Tattoo stick
• The new firmware .EXE file, which you can download from the Globe Tattoo site
• A Windows-based computer (Vista has some problems with reliability and stability, so it’s best to use Windows XP)


Before you upgrade your Globe Tattoo to enable calls, make sure to follow these reminders:

• When using a laptop to upgrade your Globe Tattoo USB stick, make sure that you have enough battery power to complete the upgrade process.
• Close the AutoRun dashboard of Globe Tattoo when upgrading the USB stick.
• Never remove the USB stick from the USB port during the upgrade process.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade your Globe Tattoo stick for voice calls, follow these steps:

0. Insert the Globe Tattoo stick into a vacant USB port.
1. Download the firmware and software upgrade from the Globe Tattoo site. Save it on a folder on your PC (preferably the Desktop, so that you won’t have problems finding it)
2. Double-click the file with "Update" first to launch the firmware upgrade wizard.
3. Read through and accept the license agreement. Click "Next" to continue. The wizard will then search for the USB stick.
4. Click "Next" on the succeeding dialog boxes, and click "Start" on the update wizard when it appears.
5. Once the update process is complete, click "OK" and click "Finish."
6. Then go back to your downloaded files, this time double-click on the software upgrade file to launch software upgrade wizard. Follow steps 4 to 6.
7. Go to My Computer, and double-click the Globe Broadband icon to install the new application software.
8. Click "Yes" to uninstall the old application and re-install the new Globe Tattoo application software.

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